Incentives to
Maximize Revenue

Unlock revenue growth through individualized predictive incentives that actually make a difference.

Lift cart conversion rates by

Predictive Incentives analyzes billions of web sessions from the world’s top retailers to predict the customer’s price sensitivity and purchase propensity, and individualizes discounts on the spot, offering the minimum incentive needed to get them to purchase.

Make the most out of every customer journey

Boost customer propensity to purchase

Boost customer propensity to purchase

Say goodbye to rule-based and site-wide incentives. Capture your customer’s intent and automatically provide the right incentive they need to convert.

Maximize return on your incentives budget

Avoid overspending on incentives and accurately show the minimum incentive required, at the optimal time needed for them to take action and complete their purchase

Maximize return on your incentives budget
You stay 
in control

You stay 
in control

Stay in control over the look and feel of your promotions, and the limits on discounts, total budget, specific products (MAP/MSRP), or categories.

Predict Customer Intent 
to Propel Conversion

Predictive Incentives is helping leading online brands improve top eCommerce KPIs:

Higher Cart Conversion Rate

Lower Cart Abandonment Rate

Average Discount Offer

Data That Leads 
To Growth

Automatically leverage customer behavior, preferences, and Namogoo’s unique data, to predict the right moments for the right incentives in the customer journey.

Automatic data collection
Namogoo automatically collects customer behavior data from your online assets. No need for complex hard-coded integrations.
The power of Namogoo’s network
Take advantage of the unique and anonymous data Namogoo holds about online shoppers from a wide and ever-growing range of resources.
Precise predictions
Self-learning algorithms are only as powerful as they are experienced. Namogoo’s technology delivers proven results for over 150 leading online enterprises.

Empower your incentives with disruption-free experiences

Your incentives make the biggest impact if they are the only ones on the page

Namogoo CHP dashboard

Prevent Customer Journey Hijacking

20% of your customer journeys are disrupted by unauthorized ad injections. Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution is blocking competing ads and incentives from hijacking the customer journey.