The First
Journey OS

Built for the next evolution of eCommerce so you can orchestrate,
manage, and act upon all journey data in real time.

Less Data Analysis.
More Execution.

You’re constantly struggling to keep pace with all of the data and tools and have no way to leverage all of it in real time. At the end of the day, what really matters is understanding what your shoppers want and acting on it.

Act On What
Moves the Needle

With all your tools mapped, synced and ready to go – everything works together so you can navigate the journeys in your shoppers’ favor to deliver precise experiences that drive revenue.

Immediately sync your tools and apps to form a complete picture. With everything under one roof, your MarTech works at full power.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Your site's segments and events are automatically populated and standardized so you can get to work.

Focus on what’s meaningful. Dive into the data and find areas that need your attention from key audiences and distribution to data correction and impact on KPI performance.

Predict your shoppers' needs with Namogoo's fast-learning AI, based on our network of billions of sessions.

Now that you know what matters most, direct your efforts to wherever will make a difference in the moment, when it counts.

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The OS For Every Team

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Increase ROI on channels and audiences by knowing the worth of shoppers by their likelihood to purchase or abandon, without relying on third-party data.

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Act on What Matters

Deliver session-based experiences to give each shopper exactly what they need, when they need it.

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Get Any Question Answered

With all of your journey data and events fired up, you can easily explore different data points based on volume, correlations, and impact on KPIs to make effective business decisions.

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Data Governance Made Easy

Track, monitor and manage all PII data collected by services running on your site so you can always stay compliant.

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Go Codeless

Get the flexibility to create anything from
custom data points to integrations and activations without a line of code.

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Even More Ways to
Keep Journeys Flowing

Customer Hijacking

Manage journey interruptions on your site to drive revenue and preserve the customer experience.

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Affiliate Extensions

Understand the attribution and contribution of affiliate extensions
to your bottom line, so you can
manage them more effectively.

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Deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by individualizing for every single shopper.

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Email & SMS

Send customers smart, personalized
emails and SMSs that actually convert.
All automatically.

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Make your journeys unstoppable