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The company was founded in 2014 to bring a new and innovative point of view to cyber security, to attack a​ new yet rapidly mutating problem, in a smart and efficient way. This is going to be a race and a journey you don't want to miss.
Create rapidly

We imagine, think and create fast. It's all about coming up with ideas that will be helpful for our customers and implementing them rapidly.

Innovate differently

Enterprise security has been a major issue for a long time. But we think and innovate differently to make sure our customers are protected from threats they were not even aware of.

Think together

Namogoo's team is comprised of the smart and experienced executives with unique poinits of view. But it's how we think and work together that truly makes the difference.


​I believe you can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Namogoo gives me the opportunity to learn, develop and accomplish my professional goals exactly like I dreamed.

Nina Goldenberg

Software Developer


Working at Namogoo is much more than completing tasks. As a software developer, I feel that my opinion counts and that I can influence every major technological decision. Therefore, I'm required not only to have great programming skills, but also to be an entrepreneur and think out of the box.

Dor Baz

Software Developer


I came to Namogoo because I wanted to be a part of something big. It wasn't long before I realised that not only do I have the privilege to fight along the 'good guys' but also have the most brilliant, fun and energetic minds to do it with.

Sapir Venger

Sales Development Manager


Our team focuses on innovating in every aspect of our work. We try to come up with new angels and new approaches with every single problem we try to solve.

Orr​ Siloni

Software Developer

Senior JavaScript Developer (Ra’anana, Israel)

We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer who will be part of our core team and build the front-end technologies.

A deep understanding of JavaScript and experience with its foundations are required, along with the ability to develop solutions in both pure JS as well as on top of frameworks.

The ideal candidate will have good knowledge of web protocols, browser idiosyncrasies, performance issues and more.

We are looking for someone with a passion for start-ups who wants to be a part of a strong fast-growing company.

Please send your CV to

  1. 4+ years of JavaScript development​ – must
  2. Ability to produce high quality pure JS code – must
  3. Experience with Angular or another JS MV* framework – advantage
  4. Experience in Node.js – a big plus, other server-side languages (esp. Python) – advantage
  5. Experience working in a Big Data environment – advantage
  6. B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science degree from a well-reputed academic institution – advantage
  7. Elite intelligence unit – advantage​​
Big Data Analyst (Ra’anana, Israel)

We’re looking for a strong big data analyst (strong preference for “Man’at/it”) who will be in charge of research and intelligence conducted on data aggregated across various knowledge bases.
Our infrastructure analyzes hundreds of millions of events per day and will definitely will put you at the forefront of data technology.
If you’re passionate about data and intelligence and obsessed about research – you’re the one we’re looking for.

  1. Passion for data and research!
  2. 3+ years of data analysis with SQL – must
  3. Elite intelligence unit graduate – must
  4. Experience with SQL and No-SQL databases – must
  5. Strong analytical skills
  6. Knowledge and experience with JavaScript and Python/PHP – advantage

Please send your CV to

Mobile Developer (Ra’anana, Israel)

We are looking for a strong Mobile developer to build our native mobile products (both iOS and Android) from the ground up. We want to expand our team with an experienced and responsible person who can take the lead on the entire Mobile domain.

  1. 4+ years of Mobile development
  2. Experience with SDK Development
  3. Must have a passion for technology and quality
  4. Emphasis on large scale performance issues and database work – an advantage
  5. B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science degree from a well-reputed academic institution – advantage
  6. Elite intelligence unit – advantage​​

Please send your CV to

Data Science Team Leader (Ra’anana, Israel)

Namogoo is looking for a Data Science Team Lead to head a skilled group of data analysts at the heart of our startup. The Data Science team is a major influencer of Namogoo’s business growth and IP creation, and is deeply involved in the sales process and shaping the company’s core technology and unique capabilities.

This is a unique opportunity to grow and learn in an amazing company with exciting technology. With your firm grasp on the foundations of Data Science, you will work with large volumes of data (billions of events per day) while helping to shape our data architecture and Machine Learning (Supervised and Unsupervised) processes.

If you’re a natural leader who is passionate about data and attention to detail, you’re the one we’re looking for.

  1. An SQL Master with 4+ years of experience
  2. Strong analytical skills
  3. Strong data presentation skills
  4. Business-oriented and good understanding of the big picture
  5. A true collaborator with team members, peers, business units and management
  6. Experience with guidance and development of team members
  7. Knowledge and experience with Python – big advantage
  8. Elite intelligence unit – big advantage

Please send your CV to