Intent-Based Promotions – One Pager

Intent-Based Promotions - One Pager

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What is Intent-Based Promotions?

Intent-Based Promotions is the first promotion machine that individualizes promotions in real time by tapping into your visitors’ buying intent. Learning from each shopper’s unique signals and behavior each time they visit your site, it delivers the minimum promotion needed, or no promotion at all, to convert them at the right time in their journey.

  • Drive Retention and Loyalty
  • Consider your pricing restrictions
  • Align promotions with inventory
  • Keep a healthy brand perception
  • Avoid promotion overspend
  • Protect Marketing Channel ROI

What Happens When Our Customers Shift to Intent-Based Promotions?

What Sets Intent-Based Promotions Apart From the Rest?

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Setup Is Just That Simple

Choose from dozens of stunning templates or upload your own

No designers, developers,
or maintenance needed – Just add the tag and you’re done

Throw it onto your website or mobile app with our native mobile SDK or eCommerce integrations

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Intent-Based Promotions - One Pager

Download the PDF