Don’t Let Hijackers Steal Your Online Revenue

20% of all eCommerce visitors are exposed to unauthorized ad injections - luring them to competitor offers.
This problem is known as Customer Journey Hijacking.

Find out how high you can take your conversion rate by eliminating these disruptions for your customers.

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Site Conversion Rate:
Over 10%
Over $2,000
Site Daily Visitors:
Over 5,000,000
Native App Daily Visitors:
Over 1,000,000

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X2.5 Conversion Rate
for hijacked visitors
recovered by Namogoo

20% Decrease
in cart abandonment
for recovered visitors

X2 Page Views
when blocking ad injection

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Hijacking rate

“Initially we had a healthy dose of skepticism. We needed to understand if it was really happening along with the scale and impact. After seeing examples of competitor ads appearing to our consumers, we decided to investigate this further with Namogoo.”

Anne Cole

Director of Global D2C Digital Platforms


Hijacking rate

“It was a huge surprise to us that 25% of our visitors were essentially being targeted and having their experience hijacked. There was truly no way for us to understand that this was even a problem or how big it was”


Tsega Dinka

Vice President of Digital Product


Hijacking rate

“It was shocking to see that 20% of our web experiences had content injected into it, especially when we invest so much time and energy trying to drive a brilliant shopping experience for our customers. As we started to work with Namogoo, we realized this was happening quite a lot.”

Mark Steel

Digital Director


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