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Namogoo Appoints Ohad Hagai to Vice President of Marketing [Press Release 11/14/2017]

Experienced Retail Industry Marketer to Help Accelerate Awareness and Adoption of Journey Hijack Prevention Software Among Top Ecommerce Brands
Namogoo today announced the appointment of Ohad Hagai to Vice President of Marketing. In this role, Hagai is responsible for marketing, communications, media relations and digital strategies that will position Namogoo for accelerated growth and expansion among global online brands.

Get prepared for the 2017 Holiday Season: How to ensure your site data isn’t being skewed by bots

We’re excited to offer a tool for free for the holidays that will enable eCommerce sites to make smarter, more accurate, data-based decisions. Through January 2018, SME’s and enterprise companies are invited to use Namogoo’s Bot Detector for free. This tool identifies and filters outout non-human traffic, or ‘bots’, giving decision makers the clean data they need to successfully plan this year’s upcoming holiday campaigns. Implementation does not require development resources so your analytics can reflect accurate human only data right away.

Namogoo Offers Free Browser Bot Detection for Ecommerce Retailers [Press Release 10/24/2017]

Namogoo today announced that it will offer its Namogoo Browser Bot Detection for free to ecommerce retailers through January 31, 2018. This service integrates into ecommerce analytics tools, enabling online retailers to detect and identify a new generation of browser bots that mimic real users’ behavior and ensure their business decisions are based only on human visitor data.

Report: Online Retailers at Risk of Losing $2.1 Billion this Holiday Season [Press Release 9/26/2017]

Namogoo Report Warns Retailers of the Impact Online Journey Hijacking Can Have on Holiday E-commerce Sales in the U.S.

A new report from Namogoo reveals an immediate threat to online revenue for retailers this holiday season. Unauthorized product ads are being injected into consumer browsers, causing competitive ads to appear on retailer sites, distracting prospective consumers from the retailer’s offerings and cutting directly into their revenue. This disruption of the customer experience – known as online journey hijacking – could cost retailers $2.1 billion this holiday season.

Q3 2017 Benchmark Report: Up to 25 Percent of E-Commerce Sessions Hijacked by Digital Malware [Press Release 8/14/2017]

Report: Up to 25 Percent of E-Commerce Sessions Hijacked by Digital Malware Namogoo Q3 Benchmark Measures Impact of Client-Side Digital Malware on the E-Commerce Market BOSTON – August 14, 2017 – Digital Malware is costing retailers tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. To bring attention to this issue, Namogoo today released […]

That can’t be right: Why do infected users outperform clean users in most KPIs?

At Namogoo, we believe that the best way to prove the value of our solution is to show it. With every prospective customer, we run a 30-day “Proof of Value” (POV) to prove that our technology is both easy to implement, and ROI positive.

The POV applies an A/B test to the visitor population in which Digital Malware has been detected. Group A, the control group, are left to their own devices, while Namogoo blocks the digital malware for group B. Throughout the thirty days, we measure the difference of several KPIs, including conversion, cart abandonment, and retention.

In every POV we run, two things will almost always happen:

  1. Visitor sessions in which infection is detected will outperform “clean” sessions on several KPIs, regardless of whether the infection is blocked or not.
  2. Visitor sessions in which Namogoo blocks infection, will further outperform sessions in which infection is detected but not blocked. We consistently see an improvement of 15-25% for conversion rates, and 20-30% in checkout abandonment rate in the blocked population when compared to the monitored population of infected users.

Surprised? A lot of our customers are because there is a tendency to reverse cause and effect. It’s not that infected users are more likely to convert; rather, people who are more likely to convert are more susceptible to infection.

Namogoo Raises $8M to Help Retailers Win Back Stolen Revenues Hijacked from their Online Stores [Press Release 8/1/2017]

BOSTON – August 1, 2017Namogoo today announced that it has raised $8 million in a Series A round led by GreatPoint Ventures with Blumberg Capital and Inimiti Capital also participating in the round. The funds will primarily be used to open the company’s U.S. headquarters in Boston and to accelerate growth in the U.S. market through product development and marketing. Ashok Krishnamurthi, managing partner at GreatPoint Ventures, and David Blumberg, founder and managing partner at Blumberg Capital, will join Namogoo’s Board of Directors. Namogoo has expanded its advisory board with the additions of Roy Rubin, founder of Magento, and Guy Schory, former senior executive at eBay and PayPal. This brings the company’s total funding to $14 million.

Why your current security solutions are leaving your online customer journey vulnerable to ad injections

Cisco’s recently released 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report shows that 75% of organizations are affected by malicious adware – generating revenue for the adware creators by “stealing” it from the legitimate website through unauthorized pop-up banners and injected competitive product ads.

Because this adware sits on the client-side, server-side solutions are completely ineffective in protecting companies’ online customer journeys from being “hijacked” (on average, we find that 10-20% of a company’s website visitors are infected). Enterprises are losing tens of millions of dollars a year to these bad actors.

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