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Son de Flor Increases Orders by 26% for First-Time Visitors with Intent-Based Promotions

Shiri Bentovim
Indrė Vandalauskaitė eCommerce Project Manager

“Intent-Based Promotions was exactly the tool we needed to offer personalized promotions that let our customers enjoy great offers and that fit nicely with our overall brand image.”

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Son de Flor is a small, European-based linen clothing brand with a growing online retail presence. The slow fashion company has humble roots as a family business, founded by two sisters that started the business with only one dress. Their goals are to create timeless, linen apparel for women that’s versatile and can be worn for many different occasions.

The Problem: Son de Flor Wanted to Balance Offering Discounts with Preserving a Healthy Brand Perception

Although Son de Flor was successful in attracting traffic to their site through influencer campaigns, they were struggling to get shoppers to make their initial purchase. Many of their shoppers who converted were returning visitors. Son de Flor wanted to increase their conversion rate for first time visitors and to increase their average order value for returning shoppers. They also wanted to increase margins, however, this became increasingly difficult due to the current supply chain crisis brands are facing worldwide. 

The linen apparel brand recognized that in order to reach their goals, offering discounts was the standard, recommended eCommerce industry practice. Online shoppers not only appreciate discounts, but they also expect them from online retailers. However, Son de Flor was hesitant to offer too many promotions, as they worried that offering too many discounts may not be in line with their brand positioning.

“We try to find a balance between following eCommerce industry recommended practices and staying authentic to our own brand image. We understand that our clients enjoy a discount because they want to save money, so it’s important for us to do so in a way that fits well with our brand image.”

Indrė Vandalauskaitė, Son de Flor’s eCommerce Project Manager, was curious about a technology solution that would enable the linen clothing brand to meet their long-term performance goals, reward their shoppers with promotions, and preserve their brand image. 

In order to successfully accomplish these three goals, Indrė needed to optimize the promotion strategy. After facing challenges and limitations with Shopify’s templates and features, she was searching for a user-friendly solution that would integrate smoothly with Shopify, would be fully customizable, and would measure performance easily.

The Solution: Personalized Promotions Based on Intent for New and Returning Shoppers

Namogoo’s AI promotion machine, which personalizes promotions in real time by delivering the minimum discount needed to convert shoppers at the optimal moment in their journeys, came at the right time. Not only was Indrė able to strike the right balance between offering discounts and maintaining a healthy brand perception, but she was also able to increase important business KPIs.

When it came to creating these promotions, Indrė used the Intent-Based Promotions templates to easily design popups that matched their website and was consistent with their branding. Once the templates were set up, she could offer the minimum promotion needed to convert both new and returning shoppers on their site.

“Namogoo’s technology was easy to implement with Shopify. It took less than 20 minutes. The process for designing campaigns was simple and outlined step by step, and it was so helpful having Rotem’s support to check campaigns and answer our questions.”

The Business Impact: Son de Flor Increases Gross Sales From First-Time Shoppers and for Their Loungewear Collection

Son de Flor launched two promotion campaigns, one targeted for first time visitors and the other, for promoting their loungewear collection to returning visitors.

1. First Time Visitors Campaign 

Son de Flor wanted to focus on converting first-time shoppers, and launched two campaigns targeting new visitors on both mobile and desktop devices.

Major results included:

  • Increase in gross sales by 14%
  • Reduction of coupon costs by 42%
  • Increase in orders by 26%
  • Increase in revenue by 1.5%

2. Loungewear Campaign

Son de Flor not only wanted to incentivize first time shoppers to make a purchase, but they also wanted to draw shoppers’ attention to additional products that differed from their main offerings, like their linen loungewear collection. The goal of this campaign was to encourage returning visitors to shop other Son de Flor styles and to position themselves as an eCommerce brand that sold products beyond linen dresses.   

Major results included:

  • Increase in gross sales by 213% 
  • Increase in orders by 200%
  • Increase in revenue by 233%

Son de Flor was able to maintain their perception as a premium slow fashion brand and also obtain the KPIs goals they wanted with Namogoo’s Intent-Based Promotions. 

“Why not try Namogoo? We’re so impressed by their promotion technology that uses intent to show the right discount for our website visitors. Personalized promotions let us best communicate with and serve our customers! 

Conclusion: Better Understanding Shoppers’ Needs with Intent

By implementing Namogoo’s Intent-Based Promotions, Indrė and her team were able to strategically entice new and returning shoppers, get them both to browse more on their website, and as a result, drive more conversions.  Once Son de Flor was able to better understand their online shoppers’ intent from successful promotion campaigns, they were able to use these insights to better target their shopper demographic in the future. 

“Because eCommerce is a fast changing industry, it’s important to us to stay up to date by researching and implementing new technologies. Intent-Based Promotions was exactly the tool we needed to offer personalized promotions that let our customers enjoy great offers and that fit nicely with our overall brand image.”

Find out how Namogoo can help you deliver individualized promotions your shoppers and margins will love

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