Keep customers in
& competitors out

Manage journey interruptions on your site and decide which ones to keep or block.

Win more shoppers by managing
journey interruptions.

Shoppers install and use a variety of browser extensions to find coupons and compare prices as well as other free apps and services. Some of them may drive more traffic to your site and even help you win more journeys. But some can confuse customers or pull them away with competing offers, unintended discounts, and other journey interruptions

Stop guessing, start measuring

With the fastest learning network of all ad injections and coupon and price-comparison extensions that show up on shopper devices, Customer Hijacking Prevention autonomously analyzes how every journey interruption impacts your business.


See What Your
Visitors See

Finally get the visibility you need to understand which extensions, unwanted ads, and other journey interruptions shoppers are exposed to in real time. See how many of their journeys are interrupted and at which points in the journey.


Keep or Block with Smart A/B Testing

Get to the bottom line of how each extension impacts revenue, bounce rate, CVR, AOV, and customer experience. With smart A/B testing and blocking, you can get granular about the journey interruptions you allow or block.


Improve Your Most Important Metrics

Once you analyze and understand how these journey interruptions are impacting your business, you can make actionable decisions to see an immediate uplift in your conversion rate, revenue and other important business KPIs.

Dalin Brinkman
Senior Manager,
Site Strategy

“We know that shoppers enjoy using browser shopping extensions. However, these extensions were affecting our customer experience and hindering margins without offering an ability to evaluate. With Namogoo we were able to test the impact of these extensions and gather insightful data, giving us full power over the customer experience while increasing overall conversion and profitability.”

Dominic Manna
Digital Marketing Director

“We strive to create seamless experiences every time our guests visit
Those efforts account for many elements such as preventing price comparison browser extensions from injecting popups to alternative sites while guests view our product pages. With Namogoo, we can prevent comparison extensions from interrupting our guests, which adds tremendous value to their experiences
with Ulta Beauty.”

Sr. Optimization & Consumer
Insight Manager

“We’re in the aftermarket and remanufactured space and price is one of the major things that our customers pay attention to. When we found out that our competitor’s products and prices were appearing on our site, it was eye opening. Partnering with Namogoo has let us take back control of the customer experience and protect our brand reputation.”

How It Works

See your exposed traffic broken down by interruption
run a/b tests to know the effect of each interruption
Smart blocking of Journey Interruptions
Understand the value of blocking and keeping each extension

Starts Right up, Fits Right In.

See everything from the
analytics tool you already use

Set it up without
coding a thing

Run it on any platform,
device or browser

Pave the Perfect Path to Purchase

Our solutions help you remove journey interruptions throughout the customer journey and leverage unique data points on every shopper to deliver personalized experiences at scale.


Gather, predict and act
upon all journey data in real time
to deliver precise experiences
that drive revenue.

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Customer Hijacking

Manage journey interruptions on your site to drive revenue and preserve
the customer experience.

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Shopping Affiliates
Analysis & Management

Understand the attribution and contribution of affiliate extensions
to your bottom line, so you can
manage them more effectively.

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Deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by individualizing for every single shopper.

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Email & SMS

Send customers smart, personalized
emails and SMSs that actually convert.
All automatically.

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Identify and manage all personal data and services running on your site. Always remain compliant.

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