The Digital Journey
Continuity Platform

Give each customer what they came for and get everything else out of the way.


Of Shoppers Are
Abandoning the Journey

You’re doing everything you can – non-stop segmentation, endless AB testing – but it’s just too hard to
figure out what each shopper really wants. Which is why nearly all of them give up and walk away.


If you want to truly see things
from your customers’ eyes,
you can’t rely on your own two hands.

The Digital Journey Continuity Platform

That’s Where We
Come In.

Welcome to the customer journey, perfected. The Digital Journey Continuity Platform uses machine learning to understand what each shopper came for and automatically delivers the journey needed to get there, while getting rid of any obstacles along the way. Consider the game changed.


Deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by individualizing for every single shopper.

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Customer Hijacking

Get rid of the competitor offers on your site you can’t see that grab customers attention and your revenue.

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Email & SMS

Send customers smart, personalized
emails and SMSs that actually convert.
All automatically.

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Shopper Extensions Management

Manage coupon and price-checking extensions on your site to enhance customer experience and drive revenue

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Why Digital Journey Continuity

Remove any obstacles from the customer journey automatically

Adapt each journey
to your individual customers

Put everything in
place to keep each journey on track

Pave the path to purchase so less journeys are abandoned

What It’s Like on the Inside

in Real Time


Identifies all data and springs into action the moment the visitor’s journey begins – no delays or disruptions whatsoever


Milisecond time to reaction

AI Based
Journey Optimization


Offers recommendations on how to improve on your journeys so they get continuously smoother and more efficient


Accuracy of
prediction models

Journey Continuity Engine

Predicts and
Adapts the Journey


Instantly shapes the journey around each individual customer on its own, calculating factors like price sensitivity, likelihood of abandonment, and purchase tendencies


decrease in journey

Journey Continuity Engine

Data Layer

Collects ALL the data. Automatically gathers mountains of patented non-PII data on
customer behavior, website, product, device, and environment.


Data points
collected every second

Journey Data

  • Behavioral (Patent)
  • Transaction
  • Engagement
  • Browser & Device (Patent)
  • Website and content

Business Needs

  • KPI’s
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Brand Perception


  • Purchasing patterns
  • Product trends
  • Price sensitivity
  • Industry Benchmarks

3rd Party Data

  • Loyalty Points
  • Custom Segments
  • Proprietary Data
  • Financial History

Make your journeys unstoppable

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