Deliver The Most Effective Promotion For Each Visit

Offer the optimum promotion needed at the ideal moment in the customer journey
while saving your margins and strengthening your brand perception.

Automatically diversify promotions
that boost your KPIs

Deliver promotions based on your shoppers’ intent and in-session behavior to drive more
revenue, shorten time to purchase and decrease journey abandonment.



Less time-to-purchase



Digital revenue increase



Reduction in promotion cost



Less journey abandonment

The first-ever solution that autonomously optimizes your promotion spend

By holistically considering each visitor’s intent in real time, together with your margins, inventory and entire promotions calendar, Intent-Based Promotions let you shift your promotion budget away from visitors who would have purchased anyway or have no shopping intent, and towards visitors who will convert with the right promotion.

An AI-driven promotion machine that pushes every visit to its full potential

Intent-Based Promotions are fully autonomous, AI-driven, individualized per visit, and built to take
your promotion strategy to the next level.
Using unique and anonymous pre-journey data and in-session behavior we predict the promotions
that will bring the most value to your business from each session — even if it’s a first-time visitor.

Break the vicious cycle of promotions with individualized promotions

Dependency on promotions tends to become heavier, eroding margins and harming brand equity. It’s time to think differently.

By translating the purchase propensity and abandonment potential of each visit, Intent-Based Promotions automatically determine the minimum promotion needed to convert, avoiding lost profits due to redundant incentives.

Pinpoint which promotions work
best with intuitive analytics

Stay in control over promotion costs and revenues with detailed analytics about their outcomes.

Gain insights about your customers’ price sensitivity, propensity to react to incentives, and the products they are most likely to buy with a discount.

Seamless setup for your site and native app

Intent-Based Promotions takes minutes to set up


Use a template or
upload your own

Get started with dozens of visual, unique and converting templates, or simply upload your own.


Just a tag,
nothing else

It requires no designers, no developers, no analysts and zero maintenance. It’s like getting a team of experts to manage your promotions from start to finish.


Any platform,
any device

Easily implement Intent-Based Promotions into your website or mobile app with our native mobile SDK or one of our eCommerce integrations.


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