The Malware That Stole Christmas

Chemi Katz
  • Chemi Katz
  • November 18, 2015

Good news, Internet retailers – This holiday season is expected to be the biggest ever. The National Retail Federation is forecasting over $105 billion in online sales this year, with increases greater than we’ve seen in the past 10 years.

But there’s a Grinch waiting to steal all of your presents, and its name is Customer Journey Hijacking.

The threats posed by this growing yet hidden problem are forcing websites around the Internet to take a different approach than ever before when it comes to protecting themselves. In the past, making certain that your site was hosted with a reputable provider, using all standard security practices would make certain that your customers’ experiences were the best that they could be. But the world of digital threats have changed, and malware-driven injected ads are amongst the most nefarious.

Let’s break down what we’re looking at with Customer Journey Hijacking to help you gain a better understanding of the problem:

  • Client-Side – The threat doesn’t come from your server, but rather from the web browser or device that the customer is using.
  • Injected – Most customers have no idea that they’ve been infected.
  • Malware – Competitor’s products, incorrectly-displayed sites and spyware traps.

For all of the protections that we have in place, the Internet’s threats are more robust than ever before. Customer Journey Hijacking’s dangers are real and its effects are already being felt by retailers who haven’t protected themselves. In our studies of sites that have been affected by Customer Journey Hijacking, here’s what we’ve seen:

Unexplained Traffic Loss
One of the great dangers of Customer Journey Hijacking is that it can redirect traffic while still making it look like a visitor is on your site. In the most elaborate of cases, “clones” of a retailer’s site can be designed, making it even harder for a shopper to realize that there is a problem.

Theft of Information
You’ve put significant work into optimizing your customer experience. But a client-side injections can not only ruin that experience by changing parts of it, it can also steal customer information in the process.

Damaged Reputation
“Oh I used to go to but now they have tasteless ads everywhere!” In many cases, Customer Journey Hijacking relies on injecting unapproved or otherwise offensive ads into your site via the customer’s device and unfortunately ad blocking is not enough to stop the threat.

The scale of this problem is widespread, with somewhere between 15 and 30 percent of your users being impacted every single day. Fortunately, there is a solution.

With just a single line of code, Namogoo goes to work for you to make certain that your site is displayed exactly as you have intended. Using machine learning, we spot problems as they happen and prevent the catastrophic effects of Customer Journey Hijacking.

You’ve worked far too hard to make sure that you’re getting your slice of the holiday pie. Don’t let Customer Journey Hijacking take it away from you.