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ASICS Stops Customer Journey Hijacking & Wins Back Stolen Revenue

Jason LeBoeuf Director of eCommerce

"Being able to see how many more orders per day we were able to bring in by having Namogoo turned on was great to see."

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The Problem: Injected Ads Drive ASICS’ Web Traffic to Competitors

11.7% Hijacking Rate

In March of 2017, Namogoo alerted Jason LeBoeuf, Director of eCommerce at ASICS, about how Customer Journey Hijacking was impacting their website visitors and bottom line. In an initial meeting, ASICS’ eCommerce team viewed live examples of how their eCommerce site actually appears to hijacked visitors disrupted by ad injections. These invasive ads crowded product categories, sales promotions and many other critical pages throughout the online journey. Because these ads are injected on the consumer’s browser, Jason and his team had no visibility or knowledge of the problem.

I honestly had never heard of this issue until speaking with Namogoo. I was a little skeptical at first because you don’t yet know if it’s real. It really hasn’t been talked about in the marketplace, and I had never heard about it at industry events. But once you take a moment to look at it, it’s pretty alarming to see what’s taking place on your site.


The Solution: ASICS Retrieves Lost Revenue with Namogoo Customer Hijack Prevention

To assess the scale and scope of unauthorized ads on their KPIs, the ASICS eCommerce team scheduled a 30-day Proof of Value (POV) process with Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution.

During the A/B test, the team discovered that 11.7 percent of all of ASICS web sessions were impacted by various forms of injected ads throughout the customer journey, distracting from the intended customer experience. Virtually all of these ads—97.8 percent — led directly to competitor websites.

Jason was pleased that Namogoo’s solution fed all the data directly into ASICS’ Google Analytics platform.

“Basically all the data was coming through our Google Analytics, so we were able to view and assess the results with our own data any time we needed, instead of having to rely on a third-party.”

The Business Impact: ASICS Retains and Converts Their Most Active Shoppers

Blocking unauthorized ads with Namogoo’s solution has driven a substantial increase in all eCommerce KPIs. 2 years since eliminating Customer Journey Hijacking, ASICS is consistently seeing a 3.2 percent overall conversion rate increase.

ASICS’ eCommerce team regularly tests technologies to help boost online performance and revenue—but to Jason, the results they are reaping with Namogoo stand out.

This is definitely one of our better performing third-party services. With a lot of the tests we’re doing, we may see an extra three to five orders per day. With Namogoo we’re adding between 25 and 75 more orders depending on the day, which is significant.

Beyond the lift in conversions and revenue, using Namogoo has revealed that ASICS’ most active website visitors were also the most exposed to unauthorized ads. The conversion lift amongst this captive audience was more than twice the average.

I was very fascinated to see how much higher the hijacked visitors convert over the site in general. These types of visitors are converting at more than double the rate of our normal online users. They’re doing a lot of their shopping online, so being able to see how many more orders per day we were able to bring in by having Namogoo turned on was great to see.


With the invasive ads now in the rear-view mirror, the ASICS eCommerce team now has greater visibility and control over how their users experience their site. This is allowing them to reap the ROI on all of their website optimization efforts.

“When looking at Namogoo, it’s pretty black and white; these are the hijacked visitors, these are the ones you’re blocking, and this is the conversion increase. And it’s always increased over any daily or weekly time frame. So being able to validate it on a 1-to-1 ratio really helps show the direct effect on sales.”

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