Get Inspired by these Father’s Day eCommerce Wins

June 15, 2020
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Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for eCommerce stores to boost revenue as shoppers across America look to find the perfect gift for Dad. This year, however, online Father’s Day sales might reach a whole new level. As we have seen for many of 2020’s holiday shopping occasions, like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, the COVID-19 crisis has driven massive numbers of consumers to online stores because physical outlets have often been closed.  

Getting ready for the rush

Leading brands make the most of Father’s Day by preparing unique offers, promotions, and discounts designed to convert — and by eliminating Customer Journey Hijacking, which is designed by traffic hijackers to skim these conversions by diverting shoppers to other sites. Here’s how these online retailers ensure that every shopper they attract has a much greater chance of making a purchase:

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) had 25% of shoppers visiting its website exposed to unauthorized ad injections, the majority of which featured competitor offers and promotions. However, after implementing Namogoo’s solution, the leading subscription-based company enjoyed a 5.5% conversion rate uplift which provided a 200x return on investment. Namogoo also eliminated ads which harmed DSC’s image. 

Online home improvement retailer was surprised to learn that competing ads appearing on their website were ruining their carefully planned customer journey, 20% of the time. When they acted to eliminate these disruptions with Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, they saw a 2.18% increase in their conversion rate, an increase in average order value, and a decrease in bounce rate. 


Tailored Brands is known for its men’s apparel brands The Men’s Wearhouse and JoS A. Bank. 16.1% of their visitors were subjected to injected ads designed to look precisely as though they came straight out of the company catalog. After turning to Namogoo to remove these disruptions, they increased their overall conversion rate by 2.36%.

Free from Father’s Day hijacking 

Customer Journey Hijacking is a hidden attack on your eCommerce sales that occurs when an unauthorized ad shows up on a consumer’s device as they are shopping and lures them to a different website. Traffic hijackers bundle ad injections into browser extensions, program updates, apps, and other freemium software to activate these ads on targeted eCommerce pages. By offering a lower price, or disguising them to look like they belong on the page, traffic hijackers’ ads persuade visitors into clicking away and ultimately buying elsewhere. 

Now it’s your turn

Customer Journey Hijacking prevention delivers revenue increases of between 1.5 % and 5% across industries. Implementation is performed remotely, so you don’t even have to come into the office. Namogoo’s technology gets started immediately at eliminating ad injections and the scourge of Customer Journey Hijacking, thereby expediting your way to higher conversion rates and revenue. And to support retailers during the COVID19 crisis, we are providing it free for a limited time.   


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