Mother’s Day Gifts are Stolen From eCommerce

May 7, 2020
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COVID19 has been tough on everyone, but spring has sprung and Mother’s Day will be the first opportunity of several to regain some of the sales lost since the start of the global nightmare. Memorial Day on May 25th is forecasted to be another shopping highlight, not to mention gift giving for new graduates this year. Retailers will be focusing more than ever on their conversion rates and customer experience to make the most of high-value shoppers in the face of reduced marketing budgets. Watch for online gift buying to return with a vengeance – we already see a surge of 26.39% in visits to gift retailing websites, and this will only increase as we approach Mother’s Day.

Even better than mom’s apple pie?

COVID19 has effectively closed many brick and mortar stores, and a lot of Mother’s Day shoppers now have little choice than to go online. This is a unique opportunity for apparel retailers to capture and keep these shoppers, especially during post-virus days.

Another consequence of the COVID19 crisis may be that older moms will not get a visit from their sons and daughters this year because the elderly are in the highest risk group. Children might just channel some of that guilt into gifts, to the benefit of currently-suffering online apparel retailers.

Moreover, this potential boom will be enhanced by significantly increased conversion rates that tend to occur for Mother’s Day. In the past couple of weeks leading to Mother’s Day, for example, conversions grew by 20.87%, while conversion rates improved by 12.87%. This improvement may occur because Mother’s Day shopping, like Christmas shopping, has a definite deadline, and shoppers need to make a purchase decision relatively quickly. So apparel retailers can look forward to a boost in visits coupled with improved conversion rates. But challenges are still in store for them.

Here come the hijackers

Unfortunately, every silver lining has a cloud. Customer journey hijackers will be on the prowl this year, just as they were for Mother’s Day last year. Apparel retailers who are not prepared for the onslaught of unauthorized ads that are piggybacking on their hard-earned leads – and often drawing away their best customers – will suffer from outrageous rates of disruption. Last year, online apparel retailers saw a 20.26% escalation in unauthorized ad injections. To make matters worse, these ad injections were highly effective; retailers were stricken by a 28.85% increase in hijacked visits as shoppers clicked on the injected ads. Just as Mother’s Day can bring better conversion rates to hopeful apparel retailers, so too can it lead to even more Customer Journey Hijacking.

What’s that about?

Many apparel retailers are only vaguely aware of Customer Journey Hijacking, to their detriment. We’ve seen situations where nearly 100% of ad injections that occur during a web session lead directly to competing websites.

Surprised? That’s the idea – customer journey hijackers are particularly adept at stealing your leads in ways that you don’t notice. The process behind ad injection usually occurs on the shopper’s device, while the ads themselves are disguised to resemble legitimate ads or are invisible until the shopper clicks on one. The result of all of these tactics is that 20% of online shoppers are hijacked by ad injections.

Don’t give your sales away to customer journey hijackers!

Defeating customer journey hijackers is possible, for those retailers with the right solution. Namogoo’s technology enables online apparel retailers, and many other eCommerce companies, to block the injected ads that their customers are exposed to in addition to unauthorized promotions, and stops the dramatic leakage of sales.

Many of us are working from home these days, so any change to the eCommerce site needs to happen easily and remotely. Our cloud-based solution can be set up and operated remotely with no need for on-site access. Within just a few days, Namogoo’s customer hijacking prevention technology produces results. As soon as the solution is implemented, visitors are prevented from seeing injected ads and unauthorized promotions.

Finally, as part of our commitment to helping businesses survive the current crisis, we are offering free access to our technology (timely offer). Take advantage of this offer right now and defeat those who seek to ruin Mother’s Day for many apparel retailers.

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