Memorial Day 2020 Exclusive: 380% Increase in Traffic for Apparel Brands

May 28, 2020
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Now it is official that COVID-19 has had a massive (and possibly permanent) effect on retailers as consumers replaced the traditional Memorial Day brick and mortar shopping rush with eCommerce. To see exactly how much of a difference, we have analyzed millions of visitor sessions, and the results are surprising. We predicted that Memorial Day 2020 would be important for online fashion and apparel retailers, but the actual returns were much better than expected. 

2020’s Memorial Day deluge

We have gathered and analyzed Memorial Day sales information from our customers, which are the leading brands in the apparel industry. As usual, fashion and apparel shoppers took advantage of holiday sales. Compared to the week before Memorial Day, visits to eCommerce clothing stores almost doubled, to a 174% increase. A similar gain was seen in conversions, which improved by a notable 161%.

But the most impressive results are evident when compared to 2019. eCommerce fashion and apparel stores experienced a dramatic 380% increase in traffic for Memorial Day 2020 over last year’s holiday. Moreover, this year, shoppers were committed to making a purchase and scored extraordinarily increased conversions of 335%.  

Can it get any better?

The simple answer is, yes, it can. Our data indicate that, over Memorial Day weekend, 22% of customer journeys were hijacked.

Many apparel retailers are only vaguely aware of Customer Journey Hijacking, to their detriment. We’ve seen situations where nearly 100% of ad injections that occur during a web session lead directly to competing websites. Surprised? That’s the idea – customer journey hijackers are particularly adept at stealing your leads in ways that you don’t notice. The process behind ad injection usually occurs on the shopper’s device, while the ads themselves are disguised to resemble legitimate ads or are invisible until the shopper clicks on one.

However, online stores protected by Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution do not suffer from this, and gained millions more in sales as a result during Memorial Day. 

Our studies indicate that there is an answer to Customer Journey Hijacking. eCommerce companies protected by Namogoo’s solution enjoyed the increase in visitors, but profited even more as their visitors were not lured away by ad injections. Instead, they stayed engaged and completed their journey all the way to checkout. 

How can online retailers defeat Customer Journey Hijacking?

eCommerce companies have the option of blocking injected ads and unauthorized promotions with Namogoo. Our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution has a proven track record of boosting conversion rates by between 1.5% and 5% for industries across the board. And, given the ongoing boom in sales like those on Memorial Day, those kinds of increases are especially promising right now.

In addition, we’re helping online retailers respond to the growing demand they face from consumers by offering them access to our technology at no cost during this challenging period. And, because our cloud-based solution can be set up and operated remotely with no need for on-site access, any eCommerce website can get started within just a few days.

Perhaps most importantly, our solution produces immediate results. As soon as a retailer starts using our technology, visitors to its website will be prevented from seeing injected ads and unauthorized promotions. This way, we can offer each of our new clients an instant increase of at least 1.5% in its conversion rate.

To instantly boost your online conversion rate and sales revenue at no charge, request cost-free access to Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution.

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