Enriching The Top Analytics Platforms To Uncover The 75% Of Unknown Visitors On Sites

January 4, 2023
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We are excited to start 2023 with an integration package to all the leading analytics solutions, allowing our customers to gain important and unique insights  on their unknown  site visitors. 

Today, 75% of online visitors are unknown or are first-time visitors. Many of these visitors will not return for another session if they do not find what they need, and  many of them use multiple devices to browse online shopping sites.  As a result, they may be known on one device but anonymous on another. Additionally, 40% of these visitors ignore privacy consents or browse in private mode. With the increasing number of privacy concerned shoppers, it is more important than ever to understand their shopping behavior.  

Namogoo’s platform collects data from a visitor’s device and their journeys and then segments them into real-time audiences. The proprietary Machine Learning technology predicts each visitors  intent by learning from their unique signals and digital behavior, empowering enterprises to act on their intent and ensure online shoppers complete their journeys.

These integrations provide our clients with new dimensions of visibility that do not currently exist in their analytics tools. This allows them to learn new facets of the customer journey that are currently not seen or explored, and opens  new opportunities for growth. 

Namogoo’s technology surfaces gold populations that convert 3-10 times higher than other visitors and provides a foundation to effectively market to these  audiences with the highest potential to buy. The identification is done in real time, even before the visitors begin their journey. Moreover, Namogoo identifies populations that do not convert due to UX conflicts with the site design, browser installs or configuration issues that are not taken into account in the site’s UX design. By integrating Namogoo with other tools, these problems  can be easily fixed and monitored.

Namogoo’s segments are built on 1.5 Billion unique monthly visitors, of leading companies including M&S, Argos, Asics, Carhartt, 1-800-contacts, Eddie Bauer, Dollar Shave Club and many others. These segments provide valuable insights for retail, commerce, CPG, travel, marketplaces and fintech companies who wish to get a complete view of their customers. The data provided includes the visitor’s propensity to purchase, probability of abandonment and retention, predicted life-time value, installations on the devices, shopping tools used, password savers, ad blockers, VPN usage, the device’s availability and network speed.

These unique, commerce-oriented data points and segments can be accessed in Namogoo’s data layer. They can be fired to the analytics platforms and are calculated in real-time while browsing on any digital real-estate. This gives eCommerce teams the power to take immediate action and conduct advanced deep-dives, noise filtering, breakdowns, and analyses. 

To learn more about our latest analytics integration and how it can help you uncover actionable insights on your unknown site visitors, get in touch with one of our eCommerce experts today.