10 Inspiring Women in eCommerce to Follow in 2023

March 8, 2023
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We don’t need a special day to celebrate women and their achievements – but March 8th is around the corner, raising the perfect opportunity to increase awareness on women’s achievements across the world and reflect on how we can collectively set women for success. 

For more than a century, women have rallied for human rights, including equal economic and educational opportunities. While we’ve achieved great strides, there’s still much work to do to break barriers. Fewer women are holding leadership roles in various industries despite accounting for almost half of the total workforce and being just as educated[*], if not more. This year, International Women’s Day is embracing equity, recognizing that we need to drive more changes for the advancement of women.

With that in mind, we put the spotlight on amazing women who are making commerce more inclusive. In addition to turning online retail more human, they’re also transforming the space for more women-led eCommerce – encouraging more to follow suit and #EmbraceEquity.

Marsha Collier

Marsha is a renowned eCommerce expert and customer service specialist. She is the author of multiple books on eCommerce, including the bestselling “eBay for Dummies” series, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Marsha’s expertise and insights on eCommerce and customer service make her a valuable resource for any business looking to improve its online presence.

Chloë Thomas

Chloë Thomas is a best-selling Author, International Speaker, and host of both the Award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan AND Keep Optimising Podcasts. Chloë is one of the Top 30 eCommerce Influencers 2021 (Scurri), and her podcasts are regularly included in lists of the top eCommerce & marketing podcasts in the world. Chloë Thomas has been in eCommerce since 2003, and there’s barely a part of the eCommerce landscape she’s not got involved with. One thing she’s always done is solve eCommerce Marketing Problems.

Anne Mezzenga

Anne is a leading expert in the eCommerce industry, serving as Co-CEO at Omni Talk. With extensive experience working with major retailers and eCommerce companies, Anne brings in-depth knowledge and valuable insights on the future of eCommerce and digital transformation. As a valuable resource for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve, Anne’s knowledge and expertise make her a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Melissa Campanelli

Melissa is the co-Founder of Women in Retail and the Brand & Content Director of Total Retail. As a leading voice in the industry, she provides valuable insights and analysis on the industry, making her a valuable resource for anyone interested in the eCommerce world.

Deborah Weinswig 

Deborah is the founder and CEO of Coresight Research, a leading research and advisory firm on eCommerce and the future of retail, with a focus on China and other emerging markets. She is an expert on eCommerce, retail, and technology, and her insights on the industry are valuable for any business looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Gretta Van Riel

Gretta is a leading eCommerce entrepreneur, known for her success in building and scaling successful online businesses. At just 31 years old, she is one of Australia’s top young serial entrepreneurs, having built five multi-million dollar enterprises in just five years, including SkinnyMe Tea, The 5th, The Drop Bottle, and Hey Influencers. Gretta shares her experiences and insights on building a successful eCommerce business through her role as a Course Instructor of “Start & Scale Your Online Store” with Foundr.

Mary Portas

Mary is a leading retail consultant and television presenter, with a wealth of experience in the retail industry. She is a strong advocate for independent businesses and her insights on retail and eCommerce make her a valuable resource for any small business looking to improve its online presence.

Sara Blakely

Sara is the founder and CEO of Spanx, a leading shapewear and hosiery brand. She shares her story of building a multi-million dollar company from scratch and offers advice on entrepreneurship and branding. Sara’s story of building Spanx from the ground up is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. She has been recognized as one of the most successful self-made women in the world and is a vocal advocate for women’s entrepreneurship.

Kara Goldin

Kara is a businesswoman and entrepreneur known for her role as the founder and CEO of Hint, a company that produces and sells flavored water. Before starting Hint, Goldin was a vice president at AOL, where she led the launch of the company’s eCommerce and shopping platform. She has also been recognized for her work in the industry and has been featured in publications such as Inc. and Forbes. 

Zia Daniell Wigder

Zia is an eCommerce industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is currently the Chief Content Officer at Insider Intelligence, where she is responsible for a team of 100+ analysts and forecasters covering global digital trends. Previously, she help build the events Shoptalk and Groceryshop. She is a frequent speaker at retail conferences around the world.

Entering eCommerce can seem daunting for budding women entrepreneurs, but these digital leaders have proven that women have what it takes to succeed in the industry. Igniting the fire, these women and their achievements have cleared roadblocks and helped shift gender-limiting standards, paving the way for equally driven women to flourish in online retail.