Report: 20% of Online Shoppers Are Hijacked by Ad Injections

February 11, 2020
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Whether it’s on desktop or mobile, on the homepage or checkout, keeping eCommerce shoppers engaged and focused within the customer journey is becoming an increasingly critical differentiator.  Accomplishing this today not only requires adding elements throughout your site that personalize the customer experience and make the path to purchase seamless, it also means taking away any friction designed specifically to disrupt their journey and drive them away to competitor sites.

The latter is precisely what ad injectors aim to accomplish via Customer Journey Hijacking. They profit from luring away site visitors to other offers by bundling injected ads into thousands of apps, extensions and other web services downloaded by consumers.

But just how many online shoppers does this problem affect? Our just-published 2019 benchmark report,The State of Customer Journey Hijacking , uncovers the percentage of online shoppers impacted by customer-side ad injections and how they behave across the journey – both when exposed to these disruptions and when they have been prevented.

As the pioneer in Customer Journey Hijacking prevention, Namogoo’s annual report analyzes billions of consumer web sessions in the U.S. and Europe across industry verticals, devices, and browsers to provide eCommerce executives with a clear picture of the impact to their business.

Some of the key findings emerging from our 2019 data include:

  • Over 20% of all eCommerce site visitors were exposed to ad injections in 2019 , with infection rates peaking during the critical Q4 covering the holiday shopping season.
  • From homepage through to checkout,more than one in 10 eCommerce web sessions were exposed to ad injections on every site section they visited in 2019.
  • conversion rates for infected online shoppers were over 2.5 times higher than those not impacted by ad injections on desktop, and nearly triple the rate on mobile.
  • abandoned checkout 16% less frequently on desktop and 24% less on mobile.
  • viewed close to double the number of pages per web session after having disruptive ads eliminated from their customer journey.

To get the full breakdown on how many online customers were disrupted by Customer Journey Hijacking in 2019 across regions, devices, and verticals, and how key eCommerce KPIs were impacted once ad injections were prevented from disrupting their shopping experience download the benchmark report.

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