The Digital Journey Continuity Platform

What if you could shape the customer journey to fit each and every shopper? Make any distraction magically disappear along the way?
It’s a thing. And it’s called Digital Journey Continuity.

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Pave the Perfect Path to Purchase

Our solutions help you remove journey interruptions throughout the customer journey and leverage unique data points on every shopper to deliver personalized experiences at scale.


Gather, predict and act
upon all journey data in real time
to deliver precise experiences
that drive revenue.

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Customer Hijacking

Manage journey interruptions on your site to drive revenue and preserve
the customer experience.

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Shopping Affiliates
Analysis & Management

Understand the attribution and contribution of affiliate extensions
to your bottom line, so you can
manage them more effectively.

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Deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by individualizing for every single shopper.

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Email & SMS

Send customers smart, personalized
emails and SMSs that actually convert.
All automatically.

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Identify and manage all personal data and services running on your site. Always remain compliant.

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Level Up Your Real-Time Capabilities

Manage any client-side interruptions on your site and segment shoppers according to their intent to deliver the precise journeys needed to get them to their destinations. All in real time.


How is this even possible?

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