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Each customer is on their own journey. Deliver it to them.

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Digital Journey
Continuity Platform

What if you could shape the customer journey to fit each and every shopper? Make any distraction magically disappear along the way? It’s a thing. And it’s called Digital Journey Continuity.

Customer Hijacking

Manage journey interruptions on your site to drive revenue and preserve
the customer experience.

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Affiliate Extensions

Understand the attribution and contribution of affiliate extensions
to your bottom line, so you can
manage them more effectively.

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Journey OS

Orchestrate, manage and act
upon all journey data in real time
to deliver precise experiences
that drive revenue.

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Deliver the most effective promotions while saving your margins by individualizing for every single shopper.

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Email & SMS

Send customers smart, personalized
emails and SMSs that actually convert.
All automatically.

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“Our CVR is up 3-5%. We don’t see that kind of uplift from any of our initiatives”Mark Steel, Digital Director

"We have recovered $3.7 Million With Namogoo"Arie Tom, CMO

“We saw 5.5% CVR uplift which translates to 200X ROI”Tsega Dinka, VP of Digital Product

No. Effort. Needed.

Goodbye endless segmentation, plugging in data sources, configuring for days, and setting up A/B tests on repeat. Just turn Namogoo on and watch the journeys flow.

How is this even possible?

Every Integration You Can Think of

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