Overcoming Top Challenges in the Subscription Market [Webinar]

September 12, 2019
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In light of today’s booming market for subscription companies, it’s safe to say that awareness of this business model’s advantages has never been higher. But, as promising as this model is, there are specific challenges that are nearly universal among subscription companies. For example, because customer retention is so vital to them, they can be particularly vulnerable to customer churn. And because a membership cancelation may reflect either a deliberate decision to stop doing business with a company or a lack of interest stemming from a perceived lack of value, bringing lapsed customers back can be particularly difficult.

Since so many subscription companies face such similar challenges – and because our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution addresses some of the biggest ones – this week we teamed up with SUBTA (the Subscription Trade Association) to offer a joint webinar providing useful tips for overcoming these hurdles.

In case you missed it, now you can view a video of the webinar right here. In it, you will gain useful insights to help you:

  • Manage your inventory efficiently and reliably.
  • Keep customers from canceling their subscriptions – and bring back those who have already left.
  • Acquire new customers through both online and offline marketing.
  • Protect your investments in marketing, sales, and customer retention from the threat of Customer Journey Hijacking.

Why SUBTA and Namogoo?

By working together on this week’s webinar, SUBTA and Namogoo gave subscription companies a unique opportunity to learn from our diverse knowledge in order to improve their own performance.

The only association of its kind, SUBTA is an ever-growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and dedicated teams that are eager to scale their businesses and catalyze the subscription industry. Bringing together vast expertise from a wide variety of subscription companies, it aims to foster “coopetition,” education, and high standards to keep moving the subscription industry forward.

At Namogoo, our field of unmatched expertise is the prevention of online threats such as Customer Journey Hijacking. Today, injected ads appear during 15% to 25% of all online shopping sessions, as bad actors use malware and WiFi hijacking to display banners, pop-ups, and product ads when shoppers visit eCommerce websites. By blocking ads with our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, a variety of retailers have boosted their overall online conversion rates by 2% to 5%, resulting in increases of 5% to 7% in revenue per visitor. All told, this solution has enabled our customers to recover $650 million in sales revenue.

To gain useful lessons from SUBTA and Namogoo for your subscription business, you can view the webinar at the link below.

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