How Schuh Reduced Its Cart Abandonment Rate by 29% [Webinar]

August 28, 2019
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Because Customer Journey Hijacking relies on injected ads that appear only to end users, many of the online retailers that are financially affected by this problem are entirely unaware of it. 

For schuh, a popular British shoe retailer, that all changed at a London conference in June of 2014. That’s when the company’s Deputy Head of E-Commerce, Stuart McMillan, met Namogoo’s co-founder, Ohad Greenshpan. Although Stuart had never heard the term “Customer Journey Hijacking” or learned about the ad-injecting malware that drives it, Ohad showed him specific examples of the injected ads that were then appearing to schuh’s online customers. 

Stuart understood that many of schuh’s customers were viewing the company’s website differently than his team had intended, as malware secretly installed on their digital devices would frequently inject ads to appear as if they were part of the site. He also understood that many of these ads were designed to lead shoppers directly to competing online stores. 

He quickly realized this was a problem that needed to be addressed, and schuh opted to try a proof of value (POV) in which Namogoo blocked these injected ads. After seeing how this technology boosted schuh’s own KPIs, the company decided to continue working with Namogoo. 

The result? Namogoo has brought schuh a 29% decrease in its cart abandonment rate and a 2.78% increase in its overall conversion rate.

Sharing lessons from schuh’s story

Five years after that first meeting, yesterday we teamed up with schuh to offer a free webinar designed to help other online retailers learn from schuh’s success. In this 35-minute educational session, Stuart and Ohad Hagai, SVP of Marketing at Namogoo, provided useful lessons about Customer Journey Hijacking and how to prevent it from stealing shoppers away from online stores. 

You can now view the webinar on demand. In it, you will discover:

  • Unique challenges that eCommerce companies face today and how they affect your bottom line.
  • The steps that schuh took when its team discovered Customer Journey Hijacking – and the results that the company has enjoyed since blocking ad injections.
  • How to leverage AI and machine learning to protect your customer experience, decrease cart abandonment, increase your conversion rate, and boost your total sales revenue.

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