Brands Are Increasing Monthly Online Revenue by $506K with Namogoo’s Cost-free Offer

July 9, 2020
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If you’re involved in the worlds of retail and eCommerce, then by now you may have gotten used to the idea that the coronavirus crisis is profoundly changing the way people shop. But do you remember when that realization first started to sink in? And do you remember what you did about it?

For us at Namogoo, the turning point came in March. We saw what a tough situation retailers were starting to face, with eCommerce rapidly turning from a promising way to increase sales into a necessity they needed in order to stay afloat. But, even more than we wondered what COVID-19’s long-term impact on shopping and business would look like, we found ourselves asking what we were going to do about it. 

Then it occurred to us: This was the right time to temporarily offer our revenue-boosting technology to new clients at no cost. We quickly got to work making our cost-free offer a reality, and a short time later we officially announced that it was available

Why was this the right time? We knew that, while retailers were embracing eCommerce out of a newfound sense of necessity, Customer Journey Hijacking was costing them a significant portion of their potential sales revenue. We had already seen that our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution could help these companies to dramatically boost their revenues and online conversion rates. And, most of all, we knew that we wanted to do more to help these companies navigate this crisis as smoothly as possible.

Three and a half months have passed since then, and today our question is simple: What has cost-free access to our technology done for retailers? 

These brands have discovered a hijacking rate of between 15 and 19.6% — a major portion of their eCommerce visitors seeing unauthorized ads.

After preventing these injections with our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, these companies have retrieved stolen revenue in an average monthly amount of $506,000 (USD). Their overall conversion rate has increased by an average of 1.75%.



How have retailers achieved these results?

While these results are certainly notable, they are not particularly surprising when we consider what Customer Journey Hijacking is, how it works, and how it impacts consumers and businesses. Customer Journey Hijacking is an expensive problem for retailers and eCommerce companies, in which visitors to their online stores are exposed to injected ads designed to entice them to click. When a shopper clicks an injected ad, they are typically redirected to a different website.

In most cases, injected ads are displayed as a result of freeware (such as browser extensions) downloaded by an unsuspecting user. But, because consumers are largely unaware of this problem, a visitor who sees an injected ad while shopping on a given website is likely to think this ad is being displayed by the website itself – not by a program that has already been installed on the user’s own computer.

Not only do these injected ads threaten to divert online traffic away and reduce short-term sales, but they also risk damaging brand reputations and hampering customer loyalty – an especially harmful prospect at a time when so many consumers are just starting to get into online shopping. Most injected ads promote products sold by competing online stores.

So, how does our technology help retailers increase revenues? Our self-learning Customer Hijacking Prevention solution automatically identifies and blocks injected ads in real time. This way, when a prospective customer visits a company’s online store, they have the shopping experience that the company designed for them. 

Because our cloud-based technology does not require on-site access, it can be set up rapidly and remotely, regardless of any travel or workplace restrictions. As soon as it is set up for a new client, it immediately starts preventing users of the client’s website from viewing injected ads. As a result, it offers retailers and eCommerce companies an instantaneous boost in their online conversion rates. 

Some three and a half months into our cost-free offer, we are gratified to see what a powerful difference it continues to make for those companies that are taking advantage of it.

To stop losing sales to Customer Journey Hijacking, request cost-free access to Namogoo’s KPI-boosting technology today.

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