Why We’re Now Offering Customer Hijacking Prevention at No Cost

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Einat Etzioni
  • Einat Etzioni
  • March 23, 2020

Although eCommerce has seen dramatic growth in recent years, few people would have predicted that it would suddenly become as important as it has in recent days and weeks – both among consumers and among retailers. For many individuals staying home during this period, eCommerce has become an increasingly popular way to get essential products such as groceries, food & beverage, and medical products. And for many companies seeing their foot traffic suddenly grind to a halt, eCommerce can be a critical tool allowing them to continue doing business.

But even as eCommerce has taken on such an essential role, it faces unprecedented challenges.

Here at Namogoo, we are committed to helping online retailers and other eCommerce companies adapt to this new reality as smoothly as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to reach out to major eCommerce companies that have not yet used our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, offering them access to our revenue-boosting technology at no cost during this challenging period.

What our  solution offers eCommerce companies

Even during the best of times, injected ads are displayed during one in five eCommerce sessions in an effort to make money by diverting online traffic. This phenomenon – Customer Journey Hijacking – decreases eCommerce websites’ conversion rates between 1.5% and 5%, and a drop of between 5% and 7% in their revenue per visitor.

At Namogoo, our technology enables eCommerce companies to overcome this threat by blocking injected ads in real time – thus allowing our clients to prevent Customer Journey Hijacking from siphoning off their sales revenue.

As a result, our solution offers eCommerce companies an immediate increase in their conversion rates and their sales revenue. At the same time, by eliminating disruptions that downgrade the customer experience, it empowers those companies to improve their long-term customer relationships. 

Importantly, our solution can be deployed rapidly, with no need for on-site setup. Because it uses cloud-based technology that works remotely, today’s travel restrictions and other safety measures do not prevent companies from immediately starting to kick injected ads out of their online stores.

Our hopes going forward

As a company committed to improving the realm of online sales, we hope to help eCommerce businesses weather the storm and adapt to the new challenges they face. We recognize that Customer Journey Hijacking poses a real threat to online sales revenue, and we’re determined to ensure that eCommerce companies enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

Most of all, at this challenging time, we’re thinking of the companies we work with and the individuals who keep them afloat – both the employees who keep them running smoothly and the consumers who buy their products. And today, our most important hope is that they all stay safe and healthy.

To start blocking injected ads at no cost, request free access to our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution.