New Survey Shows How COVID-19 is Affecting Online Customer Journeys [eBook]

The Namogoo Team
  • The Namogoo Team
  • May 21, 2020

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting consumers’ online shopping habits and attitudes? In order to adapt to today’s rapidly changing eCommerce landscape, retailers must be able to answer this question. Just as importantly, these companies need to understand how consumers’ approach to online shopping is expected to change once the coronavirus outbreak has passed.

To shed light on these critical issues, we recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers from throughout the U.S.

The findings are the subject of our newest eBook, which is now available for download. They include:

  • Influx of first-time shoppers, not just for e-grocery. Since the start of the outbreak, 14% of U.S. consumers have shopped online for the first time – while 56% have increased their online shopping.
  • Use of native mobile apps has decreased –  Only 27% do most of their online shopping via native mobile apps rather than websites.
  • More price-sensitive than ever – 51% say price is the single most important factor in their online purchase decisions, double than convenient delivery.
  • Easily Distracted – 53% are likely to click on unauthorized injected ads.


For a more detailed look at how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting consumers’ attitudes, preferences, and behaviors regarding eCommerce, download the full report.