We’re Acquiring Remarkety to Bring Hyper-personalized Multichannel Customer Journeys to Brands of All Sizes

July 7, 2021
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I am beyond excited to announce that Remarkety is joining the Namogoo family. Remarkety is a leading eCommerce Data-Driven Marketing Platform that sends highly intelligent and personalized emails and SMS to customers based on shopping behavior and purchase history.

We’ve always known that in order to grow exponentially, you need to grow exponentially in everything. This acquisition is a major one for us, especially at the heels of acquiring Personali last year for its AI-powered personalized incentives technology, fueling our Intent-Based Promotions solution. This enables us to deliver on our mission of empowering brands to deliver unstoppable customer journeys by giving each customer what they came for, and getting everything else out of the way- wherever they are in the journey. 

Complete Digital Journey Continuity 

We understand that today’s consumers are dynamic, constantly switching between different devices like their desktops, mobile phones, and tablets while shopping. We also understand that continuity can’t stop once the shopper leaves the site. 

Together with Remarkety, we can complete our offering by combining onsite intent-based promotions with offsite personalized messaging, giving our customers everything they need to create hyper-personalized, multichannel experiences. With our proprietary machine learning algorithm, they’ll be able to predict the right messages and promotions to send based on intent data.

Multi-Channel with Email and SMS

2020 was an atypical year that changed eCommerce forever as consumers had no other options than to go online and purchase what they needed. The same went for brick and mortar retailers with no online presence and hybrid retailers with subpar sites that were faced with the same predicament, go digital or go home. As consumer behavior changed, brands had no choice but to adapt. 

Email is still king for eCommerce brands as it has one of the highest ROIs and is the primary method of communication between brands and shoppers. Pair this with SMS, which has a 98% open rate, and it’s a foolproof way to ensure that messages reach your audience with a very high success rate. There was no way for us not to have this as an integral part of our Digital Journey Continuity platform.

Next Steps

Remarkety founders remain in their roles and continue to be an integral part of the company, taking the product to new heights with our backing and support. We can’t wait to get started!

Thank you to our employees, customers, and partners for your continued support. 

We can’t wait to see just how far our new journey will take us.

Chemi Katz

CEO of Namogoo

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