Customer Hijacking Prevention

Detect and block unauthorized product and promotional ads injected into visitor sessions, preventing your customers from being diverted to your competitors.

20% of your website visitors are being hijacked

You may think you know what’s happening on your site, but there’s more than meets the eye. Unauthorized product ads, pop-ups, and banners injected into consumer browsers disrupt them throughout the customer journey and divert visitors to competitor sites, damaging your eCommerce KPIs and brand equity. This is what we call Customer Journey Hijacking.

Watch your KPIs soar

Customer journey as you intended it to be

Immediately boost conversion

Immediately boost

Instantly lift your conversion rate by 1.5-5% and improve eCommerce KPIs by preventing invasive ad injections from skimming web traffic to competitors.

customer experience

Remove friction at each stage of
your sales funnel by ensuring
customers experience your site
free of invasive disruptions.

optimize customer experience
Protect brand equity


Eliminate invasive ads, inappropriate content, and competing offers to preserve your customers’ journey
and brand reputation.

Enhancing business metrics for the world's leading brands

Sophisticated technology, effortless integration

Namogoo's SaaS solution flexibly integrates with your existing framework giving you full and ongoing visibility using your own analytics.

Integrates to
Your Analytics
Namogoo seamlessly integrates with any analytics tool to allow transparent operation.
Easy to
Set Up
Namogoo is easy to deploy and maintain, with no development resources needed.
Works on
Any Platform
Namogoo’s SaaS solution runs effortlessly on any platform, device, or browser.
Customer Privacy Protection

Customer Privacy Protection

Detects and helps prevent all privacy risks associated with 3rd & 4th party services running on your site.