Scaling Ecommerce Just Got A Lot Easier With The First OS For Online Customer Journeys

April 7, 2022
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This is Why We Created The First Customer Journey OS

With Customer Journey OS, you can close the gap between gathering, cleansing, and integrating data and focus on executing the perfect online journeys. You can fully maximize your marketing stack to deliver hyper-meaningful journeys based on shoppers’ real-time needs and wants.

From day one, and without the need for developers, we take the manual and labor-intensive work out of standardizing your site’s data across tools. Our flexible infrastructure does this work automatically for you, immediately giving you easy access to all relevant data points that can then be activated across your tools at the push of a button.

We then supercharge your data and tech stack with our pre-populated ready-to-use journey data, giving you a comprehensive and unique view of your customer journeys. Namogoo’s AI brain, based on billions of sessions from leading online brands, is able to suggest smart insights and predictions that will drive conversions. Add all that to the ability to activate any data point or segment and use it across your marketing stack, and you can finally manage your digital customer journeys end-to-end, in real time. 

The Future Is Here

Imagine a world where you can provide the perfect customer journey, for each and every shopper, in each and every session. A world where you only need to focus on strategizing, executing, and optimizing without worrying about the scattered and complex nature of the customer journey. Our vision is to empower brands to deliver fully autonomous journeys and maximize every aspect of the shoppers’ online experiences. 

Thank you to all our customers, employees, investors, and partners for your help in executing this vision as we continue to create unstoppable customer journeys. 

Check out our recent webinar with our CTO where we showed Customer Journey OS in action!

To request early access to Customer Journey OS, follow the link here

Chemi Katz

Co-founder and CEO of Namogoo