Cyber Week Results: A Client Side Threats Point of View

December 3, 2016
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With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to share some interesting findings from the period November 24 – 28, 2016, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
The below findings are based on analysis of data from a number of our ecommerce clients.

CYBER WEEK: PEAK IN customer journey hijacking

A 36% increase in web sessions infected with injected ads was seen between the last week of October and the last week of November. The overall highest infection rate, and the biggest increase, was measured on Cyber Monday when almost 15% of infected sessions were measured.

  • In line with it being the start of the holiday season, on average most identified injectors were competing product injections.
  • The percentage difference between product injections and spyware scripts was biggest on Black Friday (~20%) but shrunk to a ~4% difference on Cyber Monday.


As expected, content scraping bots were the most identified bots. In total more than 3.3M content scraping bot sessions were identified during the measured period, being 88% of all bot sessions.

  • When comparing bot activity during the last week of November against the last week of October, Namogoo saw an overall increase of 246% in bot activity.


The overall trend of an increased usage of mobile devices (phones and tablets) translated into higher relative infection rates on mobile devices, as can be seen with iOS and Android being used by 53% of the infected users.

  • When looking at the Operating System as used by infected* users, the two-main used OS’s are iOS and Windows 10.
  • Over the course of the measured time period these two OS’s remained the biggest, whereas the order in usage of other OS’s shifted a bit. Android was less used during Cyber Monday than on Black Friday.


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