How Ann Summers Protected its Customer Experience & Lifted Conversion by 2% [Webinar]

June 6, 2019
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For eCommerce executives, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that the website you’ve invested so much time, money, and effort into is not what your customers are actually seeing at the end of the day. Finding out that the problem behind this is littering your customer journey with product ads from your competitors? That’s the proverbial rotten cherry on top.

That’s exactly what Andy Cole, Senior Optimisation Manager at leading UK-based lingerie and adult product brand Ann Summers, first discovered two years ago when Namogoo alerted them to how Customer Journey Hijacking was disrupting their site visitors.

Andy led a live webinar yesterday on how the Ann Summers team learned that nearly 20% of their online customers were exposed to invasive ads, and how eliminating these disruptions with Namogoo helped them lift their overall conversion rate.

After seeing actual screenshots of their customers’ web sessions infected with these ad injections and the disruptive effect they had on their customer journey, Andy and his team knew they had to dig deeper and understand the scale of this problem to their revenue and brand.

Ann Summers Quote - Customer Journey Hijacking

Ann Summers was hardly alone in having their eyes opened by this widespread and hidden problem, which impacts online business across all verticals via malware-driven ads injected into consumer browsers. The majority of these injections are designed to divert customers away to competing product offers and promotions. Yet this issue has largely flown under the industry radar since these unauthorized ads take place on the consumer side, allowing them to bypass server-side visibility.

Two years on from removing Customer Journey Hijacking from their customer experience, Ann Summers is seeing a continuous conversion rate uplift of over 2%.

Tune into the webinar recording to find out:

  • What is Customer Journey Hijacking and how it infects your customers.
  • How Customer Journey Hijacking affected Ann Summers’ digital experience, revenue, and brand integrity.
  • How preventing Customer Journey Hijacking immediately increased Ann Summers’ conversion rate by over 2%.

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