Brazil-Based Retailer Mobly Boosts Its Conversion Rate by Over 5% [Success Story]

October 16, 2019
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Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Mobly is a prominent online retailer selling furniture and decorative homeware to customers in Latin America. Since its founding in 2011, the company has used technological innovation and a data-driven outlook to grow into a successful eCommerce business.

Despite this success, Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH) prevented Mobly from reaching its full sales potential until the retailer began working with Namogoo to block unauthorized ad injections. Since starting to use our Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, Mobly has increased its overall conversion rate by more than 5%.

The story of how this eCommerce company has overcome the challenge posed by CJH and achieved such significant business results is the subject of our latest case study.

When Mobly’s CEO and eCommerce team first reached out to us at Namogoo, they were only looking for a solution to a specific problem: Some of their affiliates were discreetly redirecting visitors from one page of their website to another, and then charging Mobly as if these affiliates had brought in new online traffic. But as we educated them on the basics of Customer Journey Hijacking, Mobly’s team discovered that it was a much broader problem than they had previously known – and that its impact went well beyond excessive fees charged by unscrupulous affiliate marketers.

They started to realize that CJH was a widespread problem that posed a serious threat to Mobly’s sales revenue. They came to understand that, in addition to charging their company for its own web traffic, bad actors were using malware and WiFi hijacking to inject ads into end users’ browsers in order to steal these shoppers away from and redirect them to other websites. Just as importantly, Mobly’s team saw real examples of these unauthorized ads – including promotions for products being sold by their direct competitors.

What Mobly’s results have revealed

After Mobly opted to conduct a 30-day trial with Namogoo, the results showed that more than 18% of all visitors to were being exposed to injected ads.

Since then, Mobly has used our solution to continuously prevent visitors to its website from being subjected to CJH. As a result, the company has seen its conversion rate among all consumers (not just those who were previously exposed to injected ads) increase by 5.15%.

In addition, Mobly’s results have reflected a notable trend that we frequently see among the retailers we work with: On the average, “infected” shoppers (those whose devices are infected with ad-injecting malware) actually convert at a higher rate than “clean” consumers (those whose devices are not infected with this malware) – even before Namogoo blocks CJH. That’s because, typically, individuals who are heavier online shoppers are also more likely to download free software that secretly includes ad-injecting malware.

Of course, once we block these unsanctioned ads, the “infected” users’ conversion rate jumps even higher. In Mobly’s case, now that these “infected” users are prevented from actually viewing injected ads, they convert at a rate more than eight times higher than the “clean” users whose devices have not become infected with ad-injecting malware.

Today, Mobly continues to use Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution to block unauthorized ad injections, enjoying a major revenue boost by preventing shoppers from being stolen away from its website.

How has Mobly’s eCommerce team used Namogoo’s solution to maximize the company’s profit? And what can your business learn from them? Click below to read the full success story.

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