Apparel and Footwear: Make Every Customer Interaction Count

April 22, 2021
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The last few weeks have felt like the opening scenes of a Hollywood movie, and not the happy, romantic comedies Netflix Originals. We are living through a global pandemic, a history-making event, a war but this time, the world is fighting the same enemy. People all over the planet are self-isolating, quarantining, and most of us are under government orders to stay put. What does this mean for global businesses? While most brick-and-mortar shops have been ordered to close, and restaurants without delivery services are trying to survive on takeout orders and the promise of a “stimulus package”, one avenue still prevails: eCommerce.

When a large number of the world’s population is stuck at home, is this surprising? It’s not just the boredom that drives people to their favorite online shops, it’s also out of fear and necessity. Store shelves are empty, and most people are afraid to leave their houses. Naturally, this is going to result in a spike in online traffic for online grocery stores and CPG brand sites. 

What about the rest of the space? When there has been an unprecedented disruption in the global supply chain coupled with the fact that most consumers are now afraid to order anything that was made in a Chinese factory, how can apparel and footwear brands survive this impending recession? 

Every Visitor Matters

The simple answer is to make every customer count and ensure that every customer interaction is as flawless as can be.One bad customer experience will drive your visitor away to your competition’s checkout page. 

Last month, unauthorized ads may not have seemed like such a huge threat, but now when every dollar is crucial and numerous brands are competing for the same customers, they can be the difference between a company that falls victim to the current economic climate, and one who survives.

Take a step back and think about this for a moment, put yourself in your customer’s shoes: 

  • You’re working from home and on your lunch break, you decide to tune out the news for a moment with a little social media scroll
  • A targeted ad for the running shoe you didn’t know you needed pops up and you click it
  • You’re redirected to the brand’s site, but the moment you add the shoe to your cart, another ad pops up offering a similar shoe for much cheaper from a reseller
  • Your uncertain financial future makes you pause and question if you should buy the shoe for less from that reseller instead of directly from the brand whose ad you clicked
  • You click the pop-up; it’s kind of the same shoe, right? Why spend the extra bucks if you don’t have to.
  • One customer less for a brand who has already taken a financial hit 

Here’s the thing: brands, especially shoe and apparel brands need to convert their online visitors into paying customers, now more than ever before; There’s only one avenue for potential customers to shop and brands can’t rely on the security of brick-and-mortar stores the way that they used to just a few weeks ago.

Stop the Hijackers, See the Gains

Unauthorized ad injections don’t just steal your customers, they also impact your page load times and lower consumer trust in your brand altogether.

Imagine that out of all your online visitors, 20% of converting shoppers are being forced to see offers from your competitors. How many of these shoppers will eventually click out and check that cheaper alternative, or simply exit your site because of an overall bad customer experience?

How much would that 20% of converting customers impact your business if they weren’t stolen from you?

One of the biggest challenges we see when it comes to ad injections is that they are on the customer side, so most brands don’t even know they’re there. 

We are here to help

There is a way that you can protect your customer journeys and prevent hijacking without having to leave your home. Namogoo’s cloud-based platform is built to scale and is easily deployed remotely. No matter how much traffic you are experiencing, our machine learning technology runs on every visitor session without impacting page load times, to make sure that your customers and brand are protected. 

These are tough times and we are all in this together. Because of this, we are offering our solution completely free of charge. We want to help you win back 20% of your highest-converting traffic so you come out strong on the other side of this crisis. Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to dissect every customer interaction and wonder where in the customer journey you went wrong. 

Businesses all over the world are suffering. In a climate where a large portion of the population is afraid to shop for items that are not on grocery store shelves, every customer interaction counts. Take back control of your customer experience and contact us for a demo today.

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