How to Keep Injected Ads from Stealing Your Online Shoppers [eBook]

Einat Etzioni
  • Einat Etzioni
  • November 14, 2019

In today’s eCommerce environment, success involves more than just offering a catalog of great products at good prices and a functional checkout webpage. It involves providing an all-around customer experience excellent enough to first attract shoppers and then convince them to open their wallets.

And today’s major retailers know it. That’s why they are so willing to invest in the necessary online assets – including websites, online advertising, social media, and more. But as hard as they work to plan and design the ideal experience for their online customers, many of these companies suffer from a major hole in their sales funnels – a hole caused by Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH).

Yet, despite its impact, many retailers are still unfamiliar with the basics of what CJH is, how it affects their bottom line, and what they can do about it. That’s why we at Namogoo wrote our latest free eBook – Overcoming Customer Journey Hijacking: How to Prevent Unauthorized Ads from Stealing Your Online Customers.

Today, Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH) damages 15% to 25% of online shopping sessions by displaying injected ads using malware and Wi-Fi hijacking. Not only do these unauthorized ads do serious damage to retailers’ conversion rates, but most of them are designed specifically to send prospective customers to competing eCommerce stores. All told, CJH decreases affected online stores’ overall conversion rates by between 2% and 5%.

Our new guide gives you a clear introduction to how Customer Journey Hijacking works, why it poses a threat to your business, and what you can do to prevent it from hurting your sales revenue.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How client-side threats steal away your customers through Customer Journey Hijacking.
  • Who the bad actors behind CJH are and how they make money.
  • How CJH targets the most promising consumers at the most promising times.
  • How CJH impairs a retailer’s ability to achieve strong online KPIs.
  • How you can kick injected ads out of your online store before CJH sends your customers straight into the arms of your competitors.

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