Here’s the One eCommerce Conversion Tip You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

March 8, 2018
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It’s no secret that when evaluating the success of most eCommerce strategies, most if not all paths lead to the one undisputed king of metrics — the conversion rate.

As an eCommerce professional today, improving this almighty KPI means lining up all of the priorities that give your customers a seamless and personalized experience at every touchpoint, every channel, and every device.

Customers today expect the fast and reliable convenience of shopping online to be combined with the personal touch of their offline experience through product content and offers tailored specifically to their needs.

Similar to painting a masterpiece, delivering an enriched customer experience that converts your online visitors requires several elements all working harmoniously. Site speed, personalized product offers, removing friction at checkout, and A/B testing are merely a few of the many best practices you need to deliver that work of art that translates into a notable conversion lift.

But while many of these approaches are well-documented in the industry, there’s one major factor impacting the success of all your conversion rate optimization strategies that most eCommerce executives have still never heard of…

News flash: Your CRO strategies — and your customers are being hijacked

What if I were to tell you that many of your site visitors never get to see that optimized online experience you’ve worked so hard to put together? That the vision you’ve built — or in this case your customer’s journey — is being defaced with ads designed to interrupt, distract, and divert them away from your eCommerce site?

That’s exactly what’s happening today to 15-25 percent of all online visitors, who upon arriving on your site are exposed to a barrage of unauthorized ads, pop-ups, and banners that disrupt their experience throughout your funnel, and redirect them away to other promotions — and in most cases to your competitors.

Sounds like a disturbing joke? Say hello to Customer Journey Hijacking.

There’s a reason why visitors infected with this growing phenomenon see these unwanted ads and you don’t. These ads are injected via digital malware installed on the consumer’s device or browser. The malware is driven via toolbars, program updates, and service bundles, as well as when users connect to public WiFi networks, effectively bypassing your organization’s visibility into the issue.

The resulting impact is also concerning — a recent report found that the impact of Customer Journey Hijacking during the 2017 peak holiday shopping season may have cost retailers $2.1 billion in sales. Another report, surveying over 1,300 online consumers, found that over 55% are likely to click on a competitor’s injected ad.

Conversion 101 is removing barriers for your customers at every point of their online journey — and the benefits of removing these unwanted distractions are substantial. The conversion rate amongst infected visitors for online businesses blocking these ads has increased by an average of 14 percent.

How to make sure your designed online journey makes it to your customers

How can you prevent these invasive ads from littering your site and hijacking your conversions? At Namogoo, our team of data scientists has pioneered Machine Learning technology that monitors and analyzes web sessions all the way to the consumer’s browser. This allows us to detect and block all unauthorized ads from running — and distracting your online visitors.

Across verticals, leading online brands such as ASICS and TUMI are achieving that significant conversion lift they’ve been striving for by ensuring that their designed journey is what their customer actually gets to see at the end of the day.

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