Announcements: The Discount-Free Promotion that Streamlines Your Customer Journey

July 25, 2022
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We are excited to introduce a new type of promotion to Intent-Based-Promotions – Announcements! 

In a physical store, it’s easier to guide the shopper through and emphasize the things you want them to see on their journey. An in-person experience also allows you to communicate with the customer to help them find what they are looking for. 

Online shopping, on the other hand, bars those interactions– but by using our new Announcements feature to highlight the services or products that the customer wants or that you want them to see, you can bring the in-person  online to provide the best customer experience possible. 

This new feature allows you to take your shoppers to the areas on your site that you want them to explore, in real-time. With Announcements, the options are endless;  you can showcase your latest products, special categories, new services, and even just a simple message to build customer relationships. By displaying to your shoppers the right offer at the right time and place in their journey, you’ll be able to build engagement and increase conversions as well as other important business KPIs.

5 Ways You Can Strategically Leverage Announcements Today

Announcements are more than just a means of communication between you and your shopper, they can be used in a multitude of ways, mutually benefiting both parties in the process.

1. Alternative Solution for Promotional Discounts 

Oftentimes, eCommerce managers need to promote a service or product when short on margins in between holidays or extensive promotional campaigns. Or, with luxury brands and sites that don’t want to damage their brand perception with generic ads, using promotions to gain traction is not always a viable option. Use Announcements to attract shoppers to the areas on your site that you want to drive traffic to, without having to give away any discounts, gifts, or free shipping.

2. Remind Your Shoppers about Special Offers and Programs

Your shoppers will come face-to-face with any type of announcement you wish to showcase. Use this to your advantage by reminding shoppers about special offers or programs on your site such as free shipping, invitations to loyalty programs, buying a gift card for friends and family, and more!

3. Easily Add Call-to-Action Links

Much like guiding a shopper through your store, Announcements can draw a customer’s attention to particular products and categories and immediately send them to that page by integrating a CTA link, helping to streamline the costomer journey.

4. Establish Brand Perception on Your Own Terms 

In addition to building better brand perception without the use of generic promotions, you can harness Announcements to enhance your brand attributes. Make a good impression with visitors with welcome back banners, holiday greetings, and even statements to boost morale around world events.

5. Strengthen and Build Relationships with Your Shoppers

Above all else, the relationship between the customer and the brand comes first. Announcements can be used to promote brand engagement such as downloading your app, following you on social media, and sending event invitations for upcoming campaigns in order to keep the communication flowing, ultimately building strong, long lasting customer relationships.

So… What Are You Waiting For?

Creating your first Announcement campaign is easy with Intent-Based Promotions. Simply go to the platform dashboard and create your first Announcement promotion!

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