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TUMI Prevents Customer Journey Hijacking To Preserve Brand Equity & Revenue

Charlie Cole Chief Digital Officer

"Namogoo effectively takes out a major barrier, injected ads, which negatively influences not only our conversions but our brand association."

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The Problem: Customer Journey Hijacking Disrupts TUMI’s Online Customer Experience

15.8% Hijacking Rate

TUMI’s eCommerce executive team constantly optimizes the experience and journey for its online customers. Having never heard of this problem, TUMI’s Chief Digital Officer, Charlie Cole, was understandably skeptical when Namogoo brought it to his attention.

“I think being skeptical is a fair reaction. When immersed in the eCommerce business you can sometimes lose touch with the problems your daily visitors encounter.”

TUMI Prevents Customer Journey Hijacking
In an initial meeting with Namogoo, Charlie viewed a video and screenshots showing the various types of injected ads including competitive product ads, banners, pop-ups and in-text redirects that distracted TUMI’s website visitors and diverted them away from key points of the buyer journey.

“Seeing an ad for older versions of the same product we’re currently featuring on our site was one of the scariest to me. For us as a premium brand, control over how we’re perceived on the web is very important, and ads like that could have an impact both on our sales performance and from a brand perspective.”

The Solution: Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention Lifts Conversions & Protects Brand Equity

Charlie agreed to run a 30-day Proof-of-Value (POV) to assess the impact of Customer Journey Hijacking on TUMI’s eCommerce business metrics.

For Charlie and his team, the POV A/B test demonstrated the rate of hijacked visitors visiting TUMI’s site, the kinds of ads they were being served throughout the buyer journey, and which sites they were being lured to. It also allowed them to measure the comparative uplift in results by taking Customer Journey Hijacking out of the equation.

“The fact that we were able to verify results directly on our own instance of Google Analytics is why I gave it so much credibility and why it was a better POV than most I’ve seen on the market, where it wasn’t a black box dashboard on some analytics engine that you have no familiarity with.”

Since Namogoo’s solution integrates with most analytics platforms, Charlie and his team tracked progress using TUMI’s own Google Analytics, making the data and results more transparent.

The results revealed the prevalence of unauthorized ads throughout TUMI’s product and checkout pages. The vast majority — 97 percent — of these ads promoted direct competitors.

To Charlie and his executive team, the POV findings represented a clear-cut need to protect both their eCommerce KPIs and the strong relationship they’ve worked so diligently to build with their customers.

“Conversion 101 is limit barriers. Namogoo effectively takes out a major barrier, injected ads, which negatively influences not only our conversions but our brand association — fair or not. Even though TUMI did not install adware onto consumer browsers, people will still associate you with that.”

The Business Impact: Improved KPIs Throughout the Sales Funnel

TUMI saw the conversion rate amongst hijacked visitors rise by 14.29 percent, translating to a 2.25% overall conversion rate uplift. Improvements were also seen at key parts of the buyer journey, including the checkout area, where abandonments dropped by 16 percent.


For a data-driven team like TUMI, which constantly A/B tests personalized messaging and segments traffic to provide tailored experiences to its customers, Namogoo is enabling all of these efforts to deliver the online journey the team invested so much into designing.

“Anytime our experience deviates from a customer’s expectation, we fail,” explains Charlie. “That’s the basis of eCommerce optimization: Continue to anticipate and personalize your experience to match your customer’s expectations, and Namogoo helps us achieve this across the board.”

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Want to keep competitors out and your customers in?

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