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Samsonite Lifts eCommerce Conversion Rate & Marketing Campaign Results

Jay Nigrelli VP of eCommerce

“Very few solutions have delivered such an immediate and significant return for our bottom line as Namogoo has, and with very little resources needed on our side.”

Find out how Namogoo can help preserve your online customer journey and save lost revenue.

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The Problem: Injected Ads Hijack Samsonite’s Customer Journey

18.9% Hijacking Rate

From site performance optimization, to personalization and 3D product imaging, Samsonite’s eCommerce team invests greatly in solutions that optimize their customer experience. But for many of their online customers, that experience was being disrupted by Customer Journey Hijacking, a widespread problem whereby unauthorized ads are injected into consumer browsers and divert site visitors to other promotions, harming retailers’ revenue as a result.
Samsonite Lifts eCommerce Conversion Rate

The Solution: Samsonite Sends Customer Journey Hijacking Packing with Namogoo

While testing Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution in the fall of 2017, Samsonite VP of eCommerce Jay Nigrelli and his team saw first-hand how visitors exposed to injected product ads, banners, and pop-ups were being disrupted throughout the intended customer journey.

“Once we saw what our site actually looked like from the perspective of a hijacked visitor, it was shocking to find out the types of ads they were seeing throughout the journey. The impact to our brand was apparent, and we needed to drill down deeper and assess the impact of these ads on sales funnel metrics.”

Samsonite’s team also found out that 18.9% of their site visitors were exposed to unauthorized injected ads, many of which redirected customers to similar products and industry competitors.

“We saw ads recommending products from our direct industry competitors. It’s frustrating to see this happening on our site with all the work our team puts into our customer experience.”

Immediately apparent from the testing was the impact of removing these disruptions from their customer journey, with Samsonite’s eCommerce team seeing their conversion rate climb significantly.

The Business Impact: Samsonite Raises Its eCommerce Conversion Rate

Nearly two years after first implementing Namogoo’s solution to eliminate injected ads from their customers’ experience, the Samsonite eCommerce team is consistently achieving a 1.8% overall conversion rate uplift.

“The results really vindicated the problem these injected ads posed not only to our brand association but also our conversion rate and bottom-line KPIs. It was great to see the flipside of that, and the significant improvements in our funnel by removing these disruptions for our customers.”

Active online shoppers are more eCommerce savvy and likely to download web services and extensions embedded with injected ads. When Customer Journey Hijacking is removed from their online experience, they end up converting at a much higher rate. Jay and his team are able to monitor this unique customer segment and verify ongoing results directly through their Google Analytics platform.

When looking deeper into their hijacked visitors, Samsonite found out that they spent more time on their website than the average visitor, and visited more pages during their journey.

Samsonite’s Retargeting Campaigns Lift Off After Uncovering Their Most Engaged Shoppers

Knowing that personalized segmentation is vital to Samsonite’s eCommerce strategy, Namogoo’s Customer Success team made the recommendation to trial this segment within their retargeting campaigns.

For their Google Shopping retargeted campaigns, Samsonite saw its hijacked visitor segment convert 72.3% higher than the average campaign, while these shoppers’ click-through rates increased by 76.7%. Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) rose substantially by 141%. These results made the decision to increase bid adjustments for this audience a no-brainer.

We’re able to track results directly with our own analytics and understand how our hijacked population was behaving across the funnel. This gave us the confidence to use this unique segment in our remarketing efforts.

Protecting their customers’ journey was also beneficial to Samsonite’s retargeted text ads. Hijacked visitors converted 21.5% higher than in an average campaign.


Samsonite continuously monitors the value of Namogoo’s solution by blocking ad injections for 95% of its web traffic while monitoring invasive content for the remaining 5% (control group), allowing them to validate incremental lift in perpetuity.

Jay and his team are thrilled to achieve improved eCommerce and retargeting KPIs, all while gaining the peace of mind that their customers are receiving their optimized journey uninterrupted.

“We regularly implement tools to keep our customers engaged in our eCommerce platform and to grow revenue. Very few solutions have delivered such an immediate and significant return for our bottom line as Namogoo has, and with very little resources needed on the Samsonite side.”

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Find out how Namogoo can help preserve your online customer journey and save lost revenue.

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