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Lamps Plus Lights Up eCommerce KPIs After Eliminating Customer Journey Hijacking

Dalin Brinkman Senior Manager, Site Strategy

“The value gained with Namogoo puts it in a class of its own. It’s rare to have a technology solution that affects so many customers on such a range of pages throughout our site.”

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The Problem: Unauthorized Ad Injections Disrupt the Lamps Plus Customer Journey

H11.3% Hijacking Rate

The largest specialty lighting retailer in the United States, Lamps Plus invests significantly in building a personalized omnichannel experience for online customers. Hiding in the dark, however, was the growing problem of Customer Journey Hijacking, in which unauthorized ads injected into consumer web browsers disrupted visitor web sessions with product recommendations, promotions, pop-ups and banners that diverted them to competitor sites. These invasive ad injections undermined the brand experience designed by Lamps Plus and damaged conversion rates and critical online metrics, while undermining brand equity.

When Namogoo connected with Dalin Brinkman, Senior Manager, Site Strategy for Lamps Plus, his team knew about customer-side problems impacting online shoppers, but lacked the visibility needed to assess the scale and impact of these disruptions.

We were aware that some customers had poor experiences due to installs running on their own systems, but we were missing the ability to track or measure the impact that these issues were having on customers.

After meeting with Namogoo, Dalin and the Lamps Plus eCommerce team decided to run an A/B test to verify both the impact these injections had on their digital investments and the improvements they could gain by eliminating them with Namogoo’s Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention solution.


The Solution: Illuminating & Removing Invasive Ads with Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention

The testing period revealed that 11.3% of visitor sessions on were interrupted by adware-driven injections. The Lamps Plus team could see the variety of pop-ups, banners and product ads and the ways they confused and frustrated online customers.

“Any kind of ad is annoying to customers. It’s even worse when they aren’t anticipating these ads. We could see customers trying to click somewhere on our site, only to be sent somewhere else due to a pop-up that appeared right as they were clicking.”

Many of these hijacked visitors were being served ads leading to direct industry competitors.

Customers were being directly pointed to products on our competitors’ web sites. That’s when we realized there was a large opportunity in protecting the interests of our company and our customers by partnering with Namogoo.

The Business Impact: Lamps Plus Online KPIs Glowing After Protecting the Customer Journey

With Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution blocking invasive ad injections from disrupting customers, Lamps Plus is seeing its overall conversion rate rise by 3-5%.

“We were happy to see such a consistent uplift in our conversion rate, and the improvements really only began there. With virtually every key engagement metric we’ve tracked, from pages per session to session duration, we saw dramatic increases with Namogoo eliminating invasive content from the customer experience.”

The data emerging from hijacked visitor sessions shed valuable light and uncovered a previously hidden fact: These shoppers have a greater propensity to buy and are more eCommerce savvy. As a result, they are more likely to download web services and extensions in search of the best deals available online, many of which come bundled with ad injections. Removing disruptive injections for this highly engaged segment saw this population convert 2.5 times higher than their unaffected visitors.

The results have been significant. Our customers that are benefiting from Namogoo blocking ad injections from their sessions are converting far higher than normal customers. Moving forward, we’re looking into marketing specifically to this audience.

Dalin and the Lamps Plus team regularly test and implement a wide array of solutions to personalize and enhance the customer journey but have been especially impressed with the benefits of Namogoo.

The value gained with Namogoo puts it in a class of its own. It’s rare to have a technology solution that affects so many customers on such a range of pages throughout our site.


Lamps Plus monitors the continuous value gained from preventing Customer Journey Hijacking by blocking customer-side ad injections for 99% of all visitor web sessions while maintaining 1% control group.

“Keeping 1% of our traffic as a control group lets us constantly measure the impact gained with Namogoo, and we’re able to monitor results with our own analytics tools. It’s been very easy to verify the dramatic improvements Namogoo provides for us.”

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