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Dollar Shave Club’s Subscriptions Looking Sharp with Invasive Ads Removed from their Customer Journey

Jason Bosco VP of Engineering

“If you were to tell someone that just by placing a snippet on your site you get an increase of 4.6% on conversion they’d be very skeptical. But the proof was in the data and it was awesome to see the results.”

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The Challenge: Eliminating Disruptions from Dollar Shave Club’s Customer Experience

11.3% Hijacking Rate

Few subscription-based disruptors have come as far as Dollar Shave Club. Today, the brand that started as a razor subscription service, is a leading, multi-category men’s grooming company and part of consumer goods giant Unilever. One of the company’s earliest employees, VP of Engineering Jason Bosco and his team are no strangers to testing and adopting out-of-the-box solutions in their continued efforts to convert more visitors into subscribers.


But while millions of subscribers worldwide have embraced their unique brand and categories of grooming products, the hidden problem of Customer Journey Hijacking was diverting their customers away — and shaving (pun intended) dollars from their bottom line. This growing phenomenon, where unauthorized ads are injected into consumer browsers and devices, caused a portion of visitors to to encounter product ads, pop-ups, and banners. This disrupted their customers’ experiences and redirected them away to other promotions.

Jason was understandably surprised when Namogoo alerted him about how this issue was impacting Dollar Shave Club’s customer experience.

“I’d seen similar injected ads on various sites when using public computers. But as an operator of a business site seeing this problem for yourself is alarming. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out that we can do something about it.”

In an initial meeting with Namogoo, Jason and his team viewed different types of product ads appearing on their site to visitors. Many of these ads featured competing promotions. The Dollar Shave Club Team realized the impact these invasive ad injections were potentially having not only on conversion rates but brand perception as well.

“We understood the potential impact to our sales just by seeing how these ads were pointing our customers to other sites. Most customers are not technical enough to understand that these ads were not actually coming from us, and the poor user experience they were causing was harmful to how these customers would perceive our brand.”

The Solution: Dollar Shave Club Nicks Customer Journey Hijacking Out of Its Customer Experience

The Dollar Shave Club team conducted a Proof-of-Value (POV) test of Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution to verify the scale and impact of unauthorized ads on their sales funnel.

A particular type of ad that caught Jason’s attention during the A/B test were competitor ads that targeted visitors visiting their Wanderer line just after it launched.

“We saw ads for bar soaps and shampoos from other brands creeping onto our Wanderer shampoo product page. We were surprised how targeted these ads were, and happy that Namogoo was helping block them.”

Jason monitored all of the POV metrics using their analytics platform. Implementing the Namogoo tag was as simple as dropping a snippet of code on their website.

“Implementation was easy. It was just dropping in the snippet. It was awesome and simple to apply to our web traffic.”

The Business Impact: Dollar Shave Club’s Conversion Rate Improved After Blocking Customer Hijacking

The Dollar Shave Club team was excited to significantly increase their new subscriber rate with Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention. Eight months on after implementing Namogoo’s solution on their site, Dollar Shave Club has consistently achieved a 4.6% conversion rate uplift.

“If you were to tell someone that just by placing a snippet on your site you get an increase of 4.6% percent on conversion they’d be very skeptical in the beginning, as I was! But the proof was in the data and it was awesome to see the results.”

After identifying and solving a problem that had been flying under their radar, Jason was pleased to share this success with the Dollar Shave Club executive team.

“We were able to shed light on this issue and everyone was surprised at the scale of the problem and the improvements we’ve achieved by solving it with Namogoo.”


The Dollar Shave Club team is thrilled at the improved metrics Namogoo consistently delivers, while also protecting the brand experience they work so hard to create.

“For me, the scale of impact and return we’re receiving from Namogoo is way higher than the investment. On top of that, we’re able to protect our brand from competitive ads showing up on our site.”

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