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What is Intent-Based Promotions?

Intent-Based Promotions by Namogoo is a holistic promotion machine that learns from each customer’s unique signals and behavior each time they visit your site; predicts their buying intent and purchase considerations, then offers the MINIMAL promotion required to complete their journey.

What happened to our customers when they shifted to Intent-Based Promotions?

What Makes Intent-Based Promotions So Revolutionary Over Existing Solutions?

Break the vicious cycle of promotions with individualized promotions

Ecommerce retailers today depend heavily on promotions — this erodes their margins and harms brand equity.

Intent-Based Promotions delivers the offer that will bring the most value to YOUR BUSINESS from each and every customer journey. It’s fully autonomous and takes minutes to activate!

✓ Convert your most difficult audiences
✓ Boost margins and profitability
✓ Strengthen customer loyalty & brand reputation
✓ No more manual work and testing
✓ Scale your success with built-in analytics suggestions
✓ End redundant incentives & drive discount % down

Push every visit to its full potential
with Intent-Based Promotions

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