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Dafiti Improves User Experience by Unblocking Customer Journeys with Namogoo

Shiri Bentovim
Georg Buske IT Director

“Getting 2%-5% conversion rate improvement across 5 countries and 6 domains - was a huge push towards achieving our KPIs”

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The Problem: Dafiti’s Customers Hijacked by Competitor Ads at Check Out and Affect User Experience

Hijacking Rate: 19.08% (Argentina), 18.61% (Brazil), 18.15% (Colombia), 14.8% (Chile)

Georg Buske, IT Director at Dafiti Group, heard about Namogoo from one of Namogoo’s other customers, who was satisfied with the results. Before encountering Namogoo, Georg had never heard of the possibility of customer hijacking. He never imagined the effect it could have on their users’ experiences and the damage it was doing to their conversion rate.

“I was very upset to learn that competitors were hijacking our customers on our website, and the effect it had on our revenue.”

The leading fashion and lifestyle destination in LATAM, Dafiti Group wanted wanted to ensure their customers were enjoying quality sessions. Covid-19 shifted Dafiti’s focus to improving retention and user experience.

“We saw a large boom with Covid-19 so we wanted to keep ensuring our customers would return to us and that they would have a delightful user experience. Unauthorized ads prevent us from serving them that experience.”

The Solution: Dafiti Removes Unapproved Ads to Enable a Continuous Customer Journey for Engaged Shoppers

Dafiti Group deployed Namogoo at their checkout, and also integrated Namogoo with Google Shopping. They discovered that their hijacked visitors were the most engaged ones. These shoppers were so engaged that, once ads were removed, they converted three times more than other visitors. They were also the shoppers with higher intent, lower bounce rates and more shopping focus. Dafiti Group also learned that their hijacked segment was 2-3 times larger than the rest of their visitors.

“We were losing our most engaged shoppers due to customer hijacking. That had to stop. With Namogoo – it did.”

The Business Impact: Dafiti Sees Immediate ROI

With Namogoo’s Digital Journey Continuity, Dafiti saw an overall conversion rate uplift of 2%-5% across four countries and six domains. They achieved 17x ROI and recovered 3.125% of orders.

“17X ROI is an amazing stepping stone towards our overall target growth of 35%!”


With over 600,000 recovered orders and tens of millions in recovered revenue, Dafiti Group is enjoying the immediate conversion rate uplift and its immediate positive effect on their business KPIs. By improving the user experience they are able to achieve their goals of elevating lifetime value and lowering cost of acquisition. Based on these positive results, they can now continue their business focus on their additional goals, like improving logistics and shortening delivery times.

Want to keep competitors out and your customers in?

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