Mobly Eliminates Customer Journey Hijacking & Lifts eCommerce Revenue

  • 5.15%

    Increased Overall Conversion Rate

The Problem: Invasive Ad Injections Hijack Mobly’s Customer Journey

18.2% Hijacking Rate

Since its inception in 2011, São Paulo-based eCommerce platform Mobly has rapidly grown into a household name for furniture and decorative homeware in Latin America. Co-founder and CEO Victor Noda and the Mobly eCommerce team constantly test and implement new solutions to enhance their customer journey and improve top sales funnel KPIs.

What they had not yet discovered was that over 18% of their site visitors were not receiving the journey they designed. These shoppers were impacted by Customer Journey Hijacking, a growing problem whereby unauthorized ads are injected into consumer web browsers, disrupting site visitors and diverting them to competitor sites, damaging conversion rates and key eCommerce metrics. Because these ad injections are embedded into free web services, extensions, and mobile apps running on the user’s browser or device, eCommerce companies have no visibility into this widespread problem.

Victor and the Mobly team were searching for a way to stop affiliate hijacking they discovered was impacting some of their web traffic. Their search led them to Namogoo, who alerted them to a much wider issue impacting their online customers.

We noticed that affiliate partners were hijacking some of web sessions to collect commissions, and looked for a solution to prevent this. That’s when we found Namogoo, who introduced us to a much bigger problem we were never aware of—our customers’ entire journey being hijacked.

While meeting with Namogoo, Mobly viewed actual screenshots and videos of the different types of ads hijacked site visitors were seeing. The team saw the various types of product ads and recommendations promoting direct competitors in their vertical.

Screenshot of Mobly's website from a hijacked visitor session

“We saw the largest competitors in our space and marketplaces also selling similar products, and many of them promoted cheaper offers. We were concerned that these ads would confuse our customers into thinking we actually meant to show other brands on our site, and give them the impression we are more expensive than our competitors.”

The Solution: Mobly Takes the Clutter of Ad Injections Out of its Customer Experience with Namogoo

Victor and the Mobly team decided to run an AB test to verify the true scale and impact Customer Journey Hijacking was having on their top KPIs. Namogoo and Mobly defined the test’s success criteria and signed a conditional contract for a 30-day trial. The testing revealed that 18.2% of shoppers visiting were exposed to these unwanted ad injections.

“It was astonishing to find out that almost one out of five of our potential customers were seeing these ads. The magnitude of this problem was scary, but it was great to find a solution that could protect our customers and brand perception at the same time.”

The Mobly team were able to track all test results with their own Google Analytics platform and monitor how hijacked visitors behaved on their site once unauthorized ad injections eliminated by Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention solution.

“Implementing the Namogoo tag was fast and painless. Our team was able to set it up as easily as they do our Google Analytics.”


The Business Impact: Mobly’s Conversion Rates Rise with Customers Receiving the Designed Journey

The AB test results reached statistical significance after just two weeks, and the Mobly team was thrilled to see their overall conversion rate rise by 5.15%.

Once we saw how much higher our conversion rate was for these impacted visitors, we could tell the overall impact would also be significant. Not only were we preventing a large chunk of our visitors from clicking away, but we found these same users were highly engaged and their average value per visit was very high.

eCommerce savvy shoppers download browser extensions and other free installs around the web more often than average. This also makes them more likely to be affected by ad injections embedded in these services. After Namogoo’s solution removed ad injections from their experience, these previously hijacked visitors converted 8.13 times higher than unaffected visitors.

“We were really surprised at how much more value per visit these customers had. At first it was disturbing to find out that many of our most relevant customers were the ones most impacted, but we were relieved to find a solution that could help clean up that experience and improve our results.”

The Mobly team also learned that Customer Journey Hijacking had also been impacting a significant portion of their mobile users. The team has gained peace of mind now that their mobile experience for this critical segment is free from invasive disruptions.

“I like many iPhone users have long had the impression that malware was not nearly as big an issue on iOS as it is on Android, but in reality the impact was quite significant. Mobile users are already close to 60% of our customer base and growing so it’s very important for us to prevent these distractions on mobile as well.”


Today, Mobly monitors the continuous value of Namogoo’s solution by blocking injected ads for 95% of its web traffic while monitoring metrics for the remaining 5%.

After the results your initial instinct is to block ad injections for 100% of your traffic. But Namogoo’s Customer Success team recommended we keep a 5% control group so we can keep monitoring the results, and they continue to deliver consistent returns.

Mobly is always testing new solutions to improve their customer experience and bottom line, but the ROI they are gaining by protecting their optimized customer journey stands out to Victor.

“It’s very rare to see a 5% conversion rate increase for our business being generated by a single tool. Namogoo is easily one of the top solutions we’ve implemented that’s delivered a consistently high ROI.”

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“It’s very rare to see a 5% conversion rate increase being generated by a single tool. Namogoo is easily one of the top solutions we’ve implemented that’s delivered a consistently high ROI.”
Victor Noda
Co-founder & CEO

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