From the Beginning, Focusing on the Customer: An Interview with Liz Ritzcovan, Namogoo’s CRO

Keren Halperin

Keren Halperin

April 26, 2020

In December 2019, Liz Ritzcovan began as Namogoo’s first-ever CRO. In this interview, she shares insights from her impressive, consumer-focused career and tells us what excites her about where Namogoo is going.

Let’s start at the beginning…how did you get started in the working world? 

In my early 20s, I had my own business in North Carolina, which I founded and grew. I was basically a consultant for retailers, hotels, anything in the retail hospitality space in a very small town. In that business, I really grew a sense of partnership and brand essence. I learned how to work with business owners to increase their return on investment and to understand who their customer is and what their customer wants. 

Fast-forwarding to the 2010s, you were recently the Chief Revenue Officer at Foursquare, and before that, you were CRO at Bazaarvoice, Sizmek, and Parade Media Group. How would you describe the trajectory of your career — from running your own small business in North Carolina to being in the C-Suite of major players in the technology, media, and retail spaces?

Since the beginning, my goal has always been to understand the consumer —to make sure their journey is without any hiccups, that they can get what they need, and that they can get it quickly. That has been the thread throughout my entire career path. I’ve also aimed to be expansive and to take on big hairy challenges in whatever context I’ve worked.

Coming to Namogoo felt like different parts of my world culminating in one space: retail, technology, and solving real challenges for customers. Namogoo is focused on improving the customer journey and creating thoughtful and content-driven indicators that help brands and retailers acquire new customers or retain existing customers longer. The mission is to eliminate digital chaos and streamline the customer journey. I was already familiar with many of Namogoo’s customers and was able to see how much the platform did for them.

Other than the platform itself, what appealed to you about Namogoo? 

There were a few things that got me excited about Namogoo. First of all, there is a real “greater good” mentality about what we’re doing for the customer. Everyone is aligned around making the consumer journey better — and we truly are doing just that. There’s a strong product-market fit and very little churn. We aren’t losing customers. We’re growing our footprint. And that’s connected to the mentality within the organization: we’re all committed to a common objective.

The second reason I was excited about Namogoo was what I heard from our customers: they’re passionate about what we do with them. We’re providing large indicators to help our customers make the best decisions and to round out the customer experience for them. We’re helping them answer crucial questions: Are your customer acquisition costs going in the right direction? Are you using your marketing effectively? Do you actually know your customers? We’re in a pioneering space where we can provide a lot of intelligence around these questions and help educate our customers, as well.

You’re building Namogoo’s team in New York this year. What will you be looking for when hiring?

First and foremost, we’re looking for people who fit within our culture. And what that means is people who are transparent, forthright, morally and ethically sound, and who connect with our mission of keeping the customer journey fluid and non-disruptive. In addition to that, we’re looking for people who understand the software environment and who push for innovation. People who, professionally, look for trends before they become trends. Because that’s where we are: at the precipice of a pioneering space.

Before we sign-off, any book recommendations? 

I love military leadership books. My husband was an active-duty Marine for 16 years as a lieutenant colonel, so I’m very familiar with the mentality of military leadership. And what I mean by that is: holding people accountable for what they do, and recognizing that change is a constant. In the business world, this is a mentality we can learn a lot from. 

On a non-military leadership note, Who Moved My Cheese? is probably one of my favorite books. Just because change management is incredibly important. Change never stops being a real thing that we all have to deal with.

Thank you, Liz! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your team at Namogoo.

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