Online Journey Hijacking Prevention

Increase conversion rates by ensuring your customers experience your e-commerce site the way you intended

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As an owner of your company's e-commerce platform and operations, you invest significant resources in optimizing your online sales, business metrics and customer journey. You understand your potential buyers and their interests, and you have designed the customer experience to meet their needs and expectations. You build and test every page meticulously to maximize results. Now it's just a matter of driving traffic and you're on the road to success, right? But there’s a problem: a significant number of your website customers (15% up to as many as 30% in peak seasons) don’t experience your journey as you intended. They encounter a barrage of pop-ups, banner ads, competitor product recommendations and other unwanted distractions. This is caused by client-side Digital Malware running on your customers’ browsers and devices, or pushed through Wi-Fi networks, so you have no visibility into this, and no control. This damaging phenomenon is known as "Online Journey Hijacking". This white paper will show you:
    • The scope and scale of the problem
    • The rapidly increasing impact this problem has on revenue for e-commerce, marketplace and other online businesses
    • What e-commerce and online business owners can do to protect their customer journey and their revenue