Digital Malware

Impact on The E-Commerce Market: Benchmark Report - Q3 2017

Digital Malware is costing retailers tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. This new benchmark report measures the impact on e-commerce retailers.

Key findings include:

  • 15–25 % of user sessions are infected with Digital Malware

  • 40–70 % of malware ad injections include competitive product ads

  • 7–12% of sessions tested included browser bots that significantly skew site analytics

The data in the benchmark report is drawn from Namogoo’s monitoring of 500 million website sessions across a range of industries over a 6-month period (January–June 2017). The report outlines the current infection rate of consumer machines, the rate of infected online sessions, causes for fluctuation, and guidance on how online businesses can protect the customer journey and win back lost revenue.

Read the report for more findings.

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