Webinar | Namogoo

Online Journey Hijacking

The Scale of the Problem and What You Can Do

In this webinar, Namogoo co-founders Chemi Katz, Ohad Greenshpan, and Alon Rozenberg, will walk you through the problem, the technology behind the Namogoo solution, and the actual value our customers are seeing.

You may think you know what's happening on your online store – chances are you don't. Up to 30% of visits to online commerce sites are hijacked by online hawkers: These merchants nest shady product advertisements and deceptive links which either lure customers in or drive them away. By injecting code into individual web sessions and browsers rather than into the main server, their insidious activity goes entirely unseen. This element of the online store lies well beyond the reach of technical management.

Online hawking is a hidden marketplace that carries an untold impact on the online economy. Unauthorized product ads are competing with your business, distracting prospects from your offerings, and cutting directly into your revenue.

You’ll learn:

  • How client-side ad injections and application-side bots are bypassing security measures on your website and acting unseen by you
  • How your visitors are being lured or driven away from your website by unauthorized injected ads and taking revenue with them
  • How Namogoo leverages analytics such as deep content inspection, statistical analysis, and indicative behavioral patterns for machine learning that adapts to new threats
  • How identifying and blocking session-based ads delivers an immediate lift in conversion and revenue.

Leading eCommerce brands are already taking action on this and re-assuming control of their online stores and content, winning back stolen revenue to increase their bottom line.