Protecting enterprises from the outside-in

Namogoo’s innovative technology pro-actively protects enterprises against threats that bypass server-side security shields

Namogoo’s customer drops a line of code in its website (typically takes less than one minute)
Pages will be served to end-users with Namogoo’s tag
Pages will be loaded on end-users by the browser
Client-side injected malware is identified and blocked by Namogoo
Namogoo leverages machine-learning algorithms to automatically protect against zero-day attacks

Create a safe and distraction-free browsing environment for your customers

Namogoo’s enterprise-grade platform continuously protects your website, scanning millions of pages daily, creating malware snapshots in real-time and protecting your website against rapidly mutating client-side malware

End-to-end protection from injected adware, spyware scripts and various widgets, all the way to your customer’s browser. Your website will appear the way you intended. Everywhere. Anytime.
Advanced learning algorithms monitor Client-Side Injected Malware patterns and continuously adapt the security shield. Your protection is always up to date.
Patented machine-learning technology that enables real-time detection and elimination, protecting enterprises against zero-day attacks.
Designed as enterprise grade, this robust technology was developed and tested on large volumes of clients, users and data.
Zero integration SaaS solution – simply drop a line of code in your website and you’re up and running.
Convenient tracking, monitoring and reporting through a live dashboard and customized real-time alerts.
tech dashboard
Real time intelligence on the scope and depth of client-side injected malware threats
Visibility to actual identified spyware, bots, unauthorized ads and inappropriate content
Detailed analysis of threats and actions taken
In depth analysis of the infected user-base and the affects on the website
Namogoo eliminates client-side threats to ensure a safe and frictionless engagement

By leveraging client-side real-time behavioral analysis, Namogoo offers a pro-active real-time detection and protection against zero-day client-side injected malware attacks