New eBook: How to Optimize & Protect Your Holiday eCommerce Experience

Ohad Test SVP Marketing

Ohad leads marketing, communications and digital strategy at Namogoo, and brings a wealth of experience in eCommerce. An MBA graduate from Duke University, Ohad still gets Final Four fever every spring.

As summer turns to fall, the attention of online retailers should also be turning, as they start getting ready for eCommerce’s most wonderful time of the year.

For years, the most successful of these companies have realized the importance of optimizing the online experiences they offer shoppers, especially during this make-or-break period – running tests and fine-tuning a wide variety of aspects of their websites, emails, and other digital media. Yet many retailers are only now beginning to realize the extent of the disruptions that bad actors use to steal online shoppers away from them – and the importance of preventing these disruptions.

To help those retailers make the most of the holiday shopping season, we at Namogoo recently published our latest eBook: Retailer’s Guide to Optimizing and Protecting Your Holiday eCommerce Experience. In it, we offer useful lessons drawn from our years of experience working with major online retailers, from a survey of more than 1,300 online shoppers that we conducted, from the extensive data we’ve collected on online traffic, and from our expertise in (CJH).

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Various ways to segment your customers and personalize their journeys.
  • Why CJH threatens your bottom line – and how you can make it back off.
  • Three keys to making the most of your online checkout.
  • The essential criteria any eCommerce website must meet to be mobile-friendly.
  • Steps other retailers are taking to offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Why retailers need to protect their online customer experiences

Every time a shopper visits your online store, there is a 15% to 25% chance that they will view injected ads that appear either as a result of WiFi hijacking or (more often) due to malware running secretly on the shopper’s computer, smartphone, or other digital device. Those ads are placed there by bad actors looking to steal that customer away to a different website – in most cases, to a direct competitor of yours. All told, such injected ads decrease online retailers’ conversion rates by 2% to 5%, cutting their revenue per visitor by 5% to 7%.

That’s what we call Customer Journey Hijacking, and it jeopardizes the online customer experiences that retailers invest so heavily in studying and continuously improving. Worse yet, every year its frequency increases during the peak shopping days of the holiday season.

Most injected ads (60% to 65%, according to data gathered by Namogoo) promote similar products sold in competing online stores. However, a significant number of them promote controversial content such as adult websites and online gambling, creating the risk that an injected ad could damage the brand reputation of an affected online store.

This reality is the reason that making the most of the holiday season’s online sales and revenue potential requires retailers not just to optimize their shoppers’ experiences – but to protect those experiences from client-side disruptions, distractions, and disturbances.

To equip yourself with the key knowledge we have acquired on how to both optimize and protect the eCommerce experience you offer for the holiday shopping season, you can download our guide by clicking the button below.

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