Detect Browser Bots that Distort Your Analytics

Namogoo allows you to detect the new generation of browser bots that mimic real users’ behavior to ensure your data and metrics reflect only human visitors’ data.

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Regain Your Analytics

Browser bots are a new generation of bots running on the customer’s side and typically goes unseen by existing detection tools. Namogoo automatically classifies browser bot sessions and integrates with your analytics platform to ensure your data and metrics reflect bot-free traffic.

Deepen Your Intelligence on Bots

Namogoo provides unprecedented visibility into browser bot types, functionalities and behaviors. Insights include: type of bots utilized, behavioral patterns, risk score, impact on site stats and more.

Integrates to
Your Analytics

Namogoo seamlessly integrates with
any analytics tool to allow
transparent operation.

Easy to
Set Up

Namogoo is easy to deploy and maintain,
with no development
resources needed.

Works on
Any Platform

As a cloud-based solution, Namogoo runs 
effortlessly on any platform, device 
or browser.


Namogoo is designed to flexibly integrate with your existing framework so you
can access analytics within the systems you're already using


Namogoo offers a holistic approach to Online Journey Hijacking prevention. Try out our complementary products:

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