Privacy protection

Why This Year’s Data Privacy Day is Different

January 28, 2020

Today is the 14th Data Privacy Day – but the first one on which companies face strict privacy regulations in both the U.S. and Europe. Here’s why that matters.

Considering Consumer Privacy: How Third-Party Services Create Risks for Today’s Websites (Part 2)

December 3, 2019

Chances are that your company’s website relies heavily on third-party services. Here’s a look at the major consumer privacy dangers you need to watch out for.

Considering Consumer Privacy: Why Third-Party Services Drive Today’s Websites (Part 1)

November 19, 2019

Third-party online services are at the heart of some major consumer privacy concerns. But companies and individuals have good reasons to keep using them.

How Namogoo Can Help You Protect Your Customers’ Personal Information

November 4, 2019

Introducing Customer Privacy Protection, designed to prevent data leakage, ensure compliance, and offers companies peace of mind to enjoy all the benefits third-party services bring to their websites.

The Hidden Costs of Your Third Party Services

April 25, 2018

AdTech stacks are gaining significant traction amongst online publishers today. However, understanding the hidden costs of these third party services has become extremely crucial. Here’s why.

The Impact of Third Party Code Changes on Your Website

April 12, 2018

As the old saying goes, “The only constant is change.” Heraclitus, the notorious Greek philosopher, might have been on to something back in the day. Internet technologies have evolved exponentially over the last three decades. The modern website is now

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