schuh Partners with Namogoo to Give Customer Journey Hijacking the Boot

August 14, 2018

schuh Partners with Namogoo to Give Customer Journey Hijacking the Boot

August 14, 2018

UK Footwear Retailer Optimizes the Customer Experience and Boosts eCommerce KPIs by Blocking Unauthorized Ads on its Site

BOSTON—Namogoo, a company that helps online businesses prevent Online Journey Hijacking, today announced the addition of UK footwear retailer schuh to its growing roster of leading retail brands. schuh is using Namogoo to increase conversion rates and improve the online customer experience by blocking unauthorized competitor ads from their eCommerce site.

Namogoo’s Online Journey Hijacking Prevention software revealed that nearly 19 percent of all schuh web sessions were infected by various forms of injected ads throughout the customer journey, disrupting the intended customer experience. Ads are injected when consumers are unknowingly infected with malware on their computers or smartphone. Since the ads are injected on the consumer’s browser, they are not visible to schuh’s online team. Utilizing Namogoo’s software has provided visibility into the magnitude of the issue and the potential sales increase from blocking these unauthorized ads.

“When Namogoo first approached us about this solution, they revealed a significant problem our customers were facing while visiting our site,” said Stuart McMillan, deputy head of eCommerce at schuh. “We were surprised to learn that an issue so disruptive to online retail could be flying under our radar. Once we saw the results, we realized Namogoo’s technology delivered significant value, which increased our site conversion and overall revenue.”

Blocking unauthorized ads with Namogoo’s solution drove a substantial increase across eCommerce KPIs. By working with Namogoo, schuh experienced a nearly 15 percent increase in average conversion rate and 29 percent decrease in checkout abandonment rate for infected users and an overall conversion increase of 2.78 percent.

“Most eCommerce professionals are not aware that Online Journey Hijacking is happening on their site or that they are losing customers and revenue as a result. This growing issue has an untold impact on the online economy,” said Chemi Katz, co-founder and CEO of Namogoo. “With Namogoo, retailers can easily ensure they are preserving a distraction-free customer experience by protecting their brand and winning back customers and revenue.”

To learn more about how schuh is using Namogoo to protect its online customer journey and win back stolen revenue, download the full case study.

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